Saturday, 28 April 2012


Very Dangerous Way To Fish



Not often can you catch Pelagic fish from land, our destination today was Whale Beach on Sydney's Northern Beachs with a few mates to the rock cliffs to fish and hopefully snag some of the pelagic species that the place is known for. Armed with Pilchards, Spanyids, Wax Wings and various metal lures.


Little Mac Tuna Still Fights Like A Champ
Its around half an hour of very careful walking  across the rocks to reach the cliff face on the southern side of whale beach. Being very known for such species as Salmon, Kingfish, Bonito, Tailor, And small Mac Tuna's.
After we reached our place of fishing, I noticed that the swell was huge, and saying that my partner Jess got a whole body soaking as she ventured past the blowhole as the swell came in and drenched her from head to toe.

Being  a great place to fish, it also has its downfall. Its no way a place for inexpierenced anglers as it is quite a dangerous point off the

Spanyid Luring
 rocks with the swell towering way over 7-8 metres and crashing into the side of the cliff creating a spectacular display as it rises around 3-4 storeys above the top of the cliff face.

Many times we had seen a huge wave making its way towards us, as we are concentrating on powering in our lures in an instance we would have to scamper fast from its wrath or be knocked over into the water a long way down with no turning back from that ordeal. But saying that we did have some luck firstly with catching a few small bonito on spanyid metal lures.

 Secondly Hooking a small Mac Tuna around 50 cm. Catching some more small bonito seemed to be on the cards as my friend daniel caught another one and decided he would send a live Bonito snecked through the nostril and floating just above the surface of the water on a large float and a leader around 1.5 metres in length in hope a large Kingfish might spot him and decide he's having Tuna for lunch with no success went back to flicking Spanyid metals.

During the day also hooking a Maori Wrass which had some amazing colour. and hooking some sort of reef dwelling Lionfish.

All in all an awesome day on the rocks with the winds only blowing around 5 - 10 knots which made our job of  flicking lures easier and a much more enjoyable day.


MILF - "Man I Love Fishing"

Wednesday, 25 April 2012



SOMETHING fishy has anglers hooked on the banks of the Nepean River.
Since water flooded over the top of Warragamba Dam into the catchment last month, local fishermen have been catching trout in the river - a fish they haven't seen there for 15 years.
While western Sydney's recreational fisherman usually hibernate throughout the winter as the usual species go off the bite, experts say trout thrive in the cold water and they will be around for at least the next four months.

Penrith's Australian Bass Angler tackle store owner Peter Jacovides went looking for the mountain fish and caught more than 100 trout in just one tiny stretch of river last week.
"They were averaging about 700g but we got a few around 2kg. They are good fish.

"There is hardly anything to fish for in the Penrith area during winter - enough to say don't even bother throwing out a line. But it looks like we might have a winter fishery for once."
Business for local fishing shops is expected to rise on news of the discovery.
As trout are a cooler climate fish and normally found in cooler waters, they will probably survive through the winter, but will be unlikely to survive into the summer as the water warms up.

I am going to be up the river for some Bass fishing this weekend and hopefully nail myself my first Trout!!!,,,,,, Stay Tuned!!!.....

MILF - "Man I Love Fishing"


Fluorocarbon Leader
Fluorocarbon leaders are used regularly in conjunction with PowerPro. The specific applications where a fluorocarbon leader is used range from Fly-lining baits for Pelagics to tournament bass fisherman drop-shotting in clear lakes. By utilizing a Fluorocarbon Leader, PowerPro can be used in all situations an angler may encounter. With this technique, anglers do not have to sacrifice sensitivity, strength and abrasion resistance like they had to when fishing straight monofilament was their only option.

Spinning Reels
Over the years, many anglers have asked us about PowerPro on spinning reels. The overwhelming question was, "PowerPro works perfectly on my baitcast reel...but how will it perform on my spinning reel?" It will perform beautifully. Because of PowerPro's Enhanced Body Technology, you will feel the line simply glide off of your spinning reel and through your guides giving you casting distance like never before. PowerPro will outperform monofilament and other super lines because of the EBT process. Spinning reels equipped with the Propulsion Line Management System are ideal for use with PowerPro as the small loops thrown off the spool minimize backlash, loops and tangles. For the best PowerPro spinning reel experience look for Propulsion equipped spinning reels that also utilize the Aero Wrap II Oscillation for the best line lay possible.

Spooling your Reel
All braided lines need to be spooled in a specific manner. Because of PowerPro's incredibly thin diameter and limited stretch, it is very important that your PowerPro line is packed tightly on your reel. When a braided line is first put onto your reel, ideally you should place a small piece of arbor tape (or electrical tape) onto the spool itself. The tape prevents the spool from slipping underneath your line. (TIP: If you do not use a few wraps of monofilament or tape as backing, the PowerPro will actually slip on the spool giving you the illusion that the reel has no drag.) Once the tape is in place, wrap your PowerPro around the spool 2-4 times. Next tie a "uni" knot and tighten around the spool.

When braided line is being wound onto the reel, be sure to add pressure to your spool of PowerPro to guarantee that the line is being packed tightly. Once you are finished spooling up your reel, use your thumb to press down on the line on your spool. If it feels soft, you may need to re-spool your line and apply more pressure. However, if you press down and the line feels hard, then your line is packed tightly on the spool and you are ready to go fishing!

Power Pro Braided line is my choice of line and i personally think that there is no better briad on the market!!!




Shimano’s line of Stella spinning reels rarely ceases to impress. With its shiny, gunmetal blue finish and gold highlights, this reel just exudes “flagship” status. But, and there’s always a “but”, for some reason, the FE interpretation of this reel feels much more understated than the FD version. It’s all in the design of the spool. The FD, with it’s slanted, tear drop, ported reveals looked aggressive and on the move while the FD, with its more orderly drilled ports, is almost a throwback to the FA.

  Off the display rack, the FE feels no different in hand than previous versions. While it’s no Daiwa Exist/Steez in weight, the Stella has always been weighted right. People like to complain about baitcasting reels in the eight ounce range, but spinning reels in the 2500 to 3000 size routinely weigh in close to ten ounces. When matched with a light to medium light spinning rod, that weight just deadens the feel of the rod. To compensate, anglers downsize their reels to something in the size range of the 750s to 1500s, but with those smaller reels you get smaller diameter spools and more line management issues. The Stella 3000 FE is rated at 8 ounces out of the box just a half ounce more than the Chronarch D or Curado E. 

I fished the the Stella 3000 FE on three different sticks, A G Loomis, Shimano T-Curve and The Shimano Terez 701 Its is an amzing reel on all types of rod ranges and weights. For anglers looking for the best in spinning reels, be it for bream, trout, bass and Mulloway, or inshore saltwater use for bonefish, redfish and permit, "With these new features, Shimano have taken Stella to another level, continuing the goal of enhancing the overall fishing experience." 

All four Stella reels have 14 S A-RB shielded anti-rust ball bearings, lightweight magnesium frames and sideplate, waterproof drag, and Septon handle grips (paddle grip on the 1000, flat T on the 2500, and saltwater T type on the 3000 and 4000).

The Stella 1000FE has a 5.0:1 gear ratio, will retrieve in 25-inches of line per crank, and has the spool capacity to handle 6- to 12-pound mono or 10- to 20-pound PowerPro braid. Both with a 6.0:1 gear ratios retrieving in 35-inches of line per crank, the Stella 2500FE holds 8- to 12-pound test mono, or 10- to 30-pound PowerPro, while the 3000FE can handle from 8- to 16-pound mono or 10- to 40-pound PowerPro. The 4000FE as a 6.2:1 gear ratio, retrieves 38-inches of line per cranks, and has the capacity for 12- to 20-pound test mono or 15- to 50-pound test PowerPro.

The Stella FE won the Best Freshwater Reel Award at ICAST 2010

Suggested Retail: STL1000FE - $699.99; STL2500FE/3000FE - $729.99; STL 4000FE - $749.99

GREAT REEL!!! In my opinion "The Best"




Glow Shad
Smoking Drags is a brand new Brisbane based lure manufacturer. Their first range of lures is the increasingly popular Threadybuster series. These lures have gained wide success targeting big fish like Threadin, Mulloway, Cod and Barramundi. With a keen eye for fishing and a passion for lure angling Smoking Drags is destined for big things.


New in 2011 is the Threadybuster 95, in which i had alot of success in Queensland with in which caught Grunter, Tailor, Trevelly, and Moses Perch. This lure offers angles Australia wide the ultimate in flexible vibration lure technology.
Only the finest components are used in the construction of these lures. Forefront materials such as hardened alloy insert and  strand wire, for maximum flexibility and strength, combined with heat stable, stretch form elastomer to create a lure that is benchmark in soft plastic treble hooked lures that can handle fish after fish. Threadybusters have succeeded in simulating life-like vibration and feel, using real baitfish imaging - the result
is a deadly lure for all predatory fish. Retailed at $19.95 Each
Success On Threadybuster in Herring Sardine Colour With a 60cm Diamond Trevally In Hervey Bay

I would personally recommend these lures to any angler to have in their lure bag!!!

Made in Australia for Australian Fisherman.


Bronze Head

48cm Sand Flathead Nailed The Threadybuster
Classic Red Head



We found ourselves Fishing in Point Vernon QLD. Fishing with some soft plastic Squidgy Wrigglers to start off with But quickly moved to prawn bait as the fish seemed to be picky this morning.
Fishing on a sandbar 200 metres offshore  and still in knee deep water is part of the amazing place "Point Vernon"

A place of such wonder and beauty. with deep blue coloured water that is absolutely crystal clear and transparent. After fishing these wters on this particular sandbar for about 2 hours to our amazement some fins began to arise from the water 2-3 metres in front of us, in a horizontal fashion. Very muchly remembling  a sharks Dorsal and Cordal fin. This was definately enough warning for jess as she began to immediately depart from the water in a frantic fashion until i told her to slow down and dont make a splash. As it was a thought it was a baby Bull Shark, but very well could have been a Shovel Head Shark. Either way good indication to get out of there.

Point Vernon

About The depth of the water when the Shark had swam two metres in front me
Nice Little Bream from the wharf
Worlds smallest Flathead
Such a fashion statement
A Stunning View of Point Vernon
Jessi Rigging Up her Shimano LipStik Range Rod
MILF - "Man I Love Fishing"



Yesterday had us meet some friends on the waters of Brooklyn in search of some nice Flathead and Bream to serve on the plate for dinner. we meet some mates in the water at the Brooklyn railway bridge and choppy waters sent us to fish the banks outside the rail bridge for more cover after about an hour with no bights is a good indication to move on. So we began to head to Croppy Point and achored in casting distance to some rock edges along side a sandy beach. Flicking Soft plastics along the rock edges had my soft squidgy Shad in sand colour biten with a chunk taken out behind the head began my friend to think it may be a squid bite. But I seem to think it was the result of an angry hungry Tailor.

I had caught a small 20cm bream to open the account for the day but returned him to the water.
Then I had caught a 35cm Dusky Flathead That seems to not really fight at all.
Jess Realised she was hooked on only after she had started to retrieve her line in to check the bait was till there. And also said it was not much of a fighter, But all was well when she measued her 48cm Flathead that was now Dinner.

I had then began to real in  nice little 30cm whiting which also made its way on the dinner plate. We headed east across the hawksbury river to a place that i like to call Bream rock as there is an abundance of Bream in this area. Casting Poppas in the water in an attempt to lure in a nice Bream had me thinking that these fish today are picky in terms of there food.

So I Switched to Bait and decided to use some squid and soon Jess and I had hooked on to some really nice Tailor, But only 25cm babys.
Moments after releasing the Tailor's Jess snagged another little Tailor and we decided to call it a day as the wind was blowing 10 to 15 knots and was around 20 degrees in the sun. So cold and so choppy thats us for a day

MILF - "Man I Love Fishing"

My boat moared at the pier



We began our morning at 5am on the water by 5 15am. After putting the boat in at River Heads, Headed out to the waters off the western side of Fraser Island, After the long Drive on the water, Luckily Having  near new 60Hp Suzuki outboard engine On the Haines Signature 485SF cause it was 1 and a half hour drive out to sea.

Searching for bird activity in the sky wasnt to hard for Jess as she spotted the diving birds Missiling themselves in the ocean to feed on the fleeing Herring and Garfish. We began to chase the birds to get just in casting range. Flicking a Shimano Wax Wing 88 into the ball of baitfish and powering the lure back to the boat had Jess hooked on to a nice Mac Tuna. Reluctantly Jess Released the tuna and in turn she found more birds so we persued them right away.

Moments after the first Lure hit the water Jess was on again. Within Moments of Jess's second hookup I had snagged myself a nice Tuna also with Jess and I both double Hooked up was a interesting experience as we were both fighting Tunas and dodging each other around the boat as most people know Tunas swim in circles and this was quite a challenge. Awesomely they were Long Tail Tunas Jess landed the Tuna and weighed in at 10 Kgs and my Tuna Weighed in at 15 Kgs Amazing Fighters!!!

 We then headed for the reef for some Snapper Fishing With No Luck on the Snappers I did Land this Nice Tealeaf Trevelly at 50cm. On The way back to land Jess spotted some more birds so we began to chase and flicked more lures into the balls of bait and Jess hooked another Long Tail Tuna but was exhausted to pull it all the way in so passed the rod to me and i landed the rest of it. Weighing in at 12 Kgs Amazing Day!! Amazing Fish!! Amazing Fight!!!

MILF - "Man I Love Fishing"



Hervey Bay QLD was the destination of many of our stop overs on our trip. Fishing the waters of coffs harbour, Byron Bay, and Gold Coast until reaching Queenslands East Coast Paradise "Hervey Bay"
The long drive (!7 Hours) was well worth the wait, as we Started in a small creek than runs off the Bay called "German Creek" Trawlled for barramundi for about 2 hours with no success. So decided to start flicking lures along the mangrove banks. Choose of lure being the new Threadybuster in Silver.
Not to long after the first lure hit the water My partner Jess was on with a nice little Tailor and not long after hooked a real nice little Grunter.

After Flicking These Lures through this Remote Creek 30 mins up the Southern side of the Bay for around and hour I was on. To knowledge thought I had hooked a thredfin Salmon by the way he smashed the lure from the bank after on two cranks. But with hefty head shakes soon realised it to be a Trevelly. And a nice 60cm Diamond Trevelly at that!!.

Just as we were about to pull all in and have a beer, Jess snagged a nice little queensland Moses Perch to close the account for today, So we then headed to the Sand Bar in Kingfisher Bay On Fraser Coast's Faser Island to enjoy a nice cold James Squire beer to one the most amazing sunsets that fraser has to offer.

MILF - "Man I Love Fishing"