Wednesday, 25 April 2012



We found ourselves Fishing in Point Vernon QLD. Fishing with some soft plastic Squidgy Wrigglers to start off with But quickly moved to prawn bait as the fish seemed to be picky this morning.
Fishing on a sandbar 200 metres offshore  and still in knee deep water is part of the amazing place "Point Vernon"

A place of such wonder and beauty. with deep blue coloured water that is absolutely crystal clear and transparent. After fishing these wters on this particular sandbar for about 2 hours to our amazement some fins began to arise from the water 2-3 metres in front of us, in a horizontal fashion. Very muchly remembling  a sharks Dorsal and Cordal fin. This was definately enough warning for jess as she began to immediately depart from the water in a frantic fashion until i told her to slow down and dont make a splash. As it was a thought it was a baby Bull Shark, but very well could have been a Shovel Head Shark. Either way good indication to get out of there.

Point Vernon

About The depth of the water when the Shark had swam two metres in front me
Nice Little Bream from the wharf
Worlds smallest Flathead
Such a fashion statement
A Stunning View of Point Vernon
Jessi Rigging Up her Shimano LipStik Range Rod
MILF - "Man I Love Fishing"

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