Thursday, 26 March 2015


Some great action on Bass this season of 2014/2015. Here are some highlight phpotos and captions! 

Season started with a fair few average sized wild Bass on various styles of lures in the Hawkesbury River.

A quick weekend trip down the the Macleay River system to fish with cousin Zach Pritchard and Uncle James Pritchard. Now the Bass in the Macleay are not like any wild river Bass in the country, exept maybe the gorge bass of the Clarence river. These fish we hungry and actively feeding on surface in the early mornings and from dusk right through the night, Macleay River Bass really are something special.

I do love my Bass fishing from the boat, but there is also something different and a great sense of adventure when you trek the muddy banks of the skinny creeks. Many non Bass fisherman cant believe it when 40cm Bass are pulled from less than half a metre of a body of water, and on surface.

Billy Gale started his Bass journey this season and has turned the afternoon sessions with me into somewhat of an obsession now. Sorry mate, now you feel how I do!

Sometimes the "tightest of water" puts you in the "tightest of situations"

Any Bass angler will know that these beautiful little creatures can ruin the best surface sessions as they chase your lures from the trees!

This is the first season on Bass for my purposely built skinny water Bass boat "The Fish Cure" and it has served quite well. Now it has undergone a few more adjustments with Lowrance Gen 3 models in 9 and 7's and a larger console built, will be sure to upload the updates in the coming weeks.

Les Gale has been out a few times on some skinny water surface afternoon sessions with me and resulted in some great models.

I paired up with TenPercentR Apparel this season, and the range they have for Bass anglers right through to offshore anglers is very cool. I look forward to growing with this young company! check out:

I Paired up with some of the lightest, sleekest and most sensitive rods I have ever has the experience of fishing with this season. "Edge Rods by Gary Loomis". Gary was the creator of G.Loomis rods in the U.S and led the market for many many years. Gary has now outdone himself by creating a complete graphite black and handle right through for the most sensitive stick in the world, using titanium recoil REC guide trains to leave it as light as possible. To say I'm proud to be apart of Edge Rods is an understatement.

Matt Brown is another Bass virgin that has come out on some sessions with me, I think Matt will be a regular in the next season.

My partner and I Jessi experienced some great Big Wild Bass on Immakatsu Orikanemushi soft surface bug in late February.

Success on some average models for the start of the season on diving lures.

Mark Miller is a self confessed Reptile enthusiast and pulled a Diamond Python from the trees to say hello on an afternoon session on the river, The snake was released back into the same tree from once it came from after some photos.

This Bass season we had a spill into one of our local Bass haunts "South Creek" that killed hundreds of fish from different species. This had outraged us local anglers that regularly fish this waterway and we got together and fought back against the council of Penrith!

Below photos courtesy of Vas Smilevski