Monday, 23 June 2014



I have had the opportunity to be a collaborator in the latest installment of Cast eMag issue #2 and let me tell you it's been quite an eye opener to not only write for Mick Guthrie and Fish Army but to also see the up and coming talent in this industry for writing as much as talent on the water it's self. Collaborating writers include Scott Whitfield, Kurt Kiggins, Joel Edwards, Stuart Kenny and more.... Get hold of it at available on your smart phone, tablet and computer loaded with special content only seen here, amazing photography and articles.



Sydney has had a very warm start of winter and the temperature in late May was still averaging around 25 degrees making the water temp of around 21-22 degrees, so the Salmon haven't really made a show along the southern East coast yet, except a few scattered stranglers here and there along the ledges.

I had upgraded my hook setup on DUO's Pressbait 85 lure to gain a better hookup to miss ratio with two assist hooks as I always find that salmon and even Tailor and Bonito will follow a lure right to the ledge striking at the lure the whole time but just missing the hooks. This way it gives just that little bit more confidence in a fish striking at reaching the hook setup.

I went out last weekend for a few hours before the wind picked up and started to blow 25knots. It was definitely a very slow day with few people fishing for Drummer and Luderick from the ledge with no real luck at all. 

Although there was hardly any Salmon around I managed to land one in the few hours we had on the water and the first for the season with hopefully a crackin' season ahead. I will be targetting a few Salmon from my boat on the fly in the coming months.

Cheers Dale Ward 

Sunday, 8 June 2014



I have been back down to basics lately as the seas have been up coupled with the wind blowing above 20 knots most days. So fishing the Flats for Bream, Whiting and Flathead if I can ever get through the copious amounts of standard winter rat Tailor.

Here is a few photos from the last couple of weeks...

Jessi and I with some well over average Bream from the washes

Recently Spooled some new reels with some super smooth braid from Toray Japan

Moared Salt Pan cove along the flats where roaming Stingrays were circling the boat \

A few shots of the sunken wrecks Cobaki and Itata at Salt Pan Cove Sydney harbour

 A run in the boat from Parramatta River to Sydney Harbour picking up a few Flatties and whiting  along the way with Jessi

                                            Pop, Pop BOOM!!!... DUO Realis Popper 64

 Bivi Vibes from DUO have proved time and time again along the flats for bread and butter                                                                                  species