Saturday, 11 October 2014



With the weather absolutely Belting of late the fishing is starting to pick up also. I have made a few trips with some various people on my foat to a few cool freshwater fishing holes.

From my last post when I found that the Bass had been sitting in the lower 2-3 metre water column have now come up to feed surface in the right afternoon conditions. One thing I have noticed is the Bass have fired like crazy on the surface in the shadows and over hanging branches when the water has been around 23 degrees until strong Easterly's start blowing and cool the water down to around 20 degrees and this seems to shut the Bass down in their tracks. Now I know that Bass will still fire surface in water temps of 20, But a dramatic 3 degeee drop in temp so quick seems to knock them around a bit, so lately I have really monitored the low wind conditions in different time frames and timing the change.... I will get back to you's with my results in a later post.

 DUO International Lures have recently brought out some amazing new cicada lures to the Australian market, These little beauties have a great action and interchangeable legs. Get to a supplier and get a few cause any real Basso should be fishing these things.... Bloody awesome lures. I had some great surface session late last week and had some cracking underwater and topwater shots, But my camera has had water intrusion and I lost all data..... It is currently in the shop on a return in around 7 days. Just in time for my Maclaey River Bass trip late this month.

When the Bass are not feeding top water my Go-to lure is DUO Realis Shad DR

Smallest Bass this season haha

I have had Mark Miller on my boat for a Bass afternoon session one day this week and mark is a seem proclaimed Snake fanatic. We noticed a big 2 metre Diamond Python swimming the surface and start climbing a tree. Mark instantly got me to motor up to the tree and he boarded the snake on the boat for a health inspection and a few shots then released back into the trees.

Lake Windamere