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Headsox, the seamless extension of your shirt. Either used as a sun safe head scarf to prevent the adverse sun while out in the sweltering summer days out on the water. Or cold chilled days when the frost sets in. In habit  I use my Headsox as a an extra warmth garment with some of these cooler trips, like days out chasing the Aussie Salmon in the cooler days in Winter and it tends to get very cold. Headsox even though only thin they seem to add that little bit more warmth around the neck or the head that is usually exposed. 

Headsox Australian Flag

Has anyone ever come back from out on the water with a burnt neck? Or ears and face? Headsox is the best way to cover up your whole head while drifting the water when fishing, Kayaking or any external activities when the sun absolutely slams down..

Headsox Australian Flag and Fossil Fish
Headsox Australian Flag

 Headsox are a stretchable micro-fibre material that protects the user from all elements. Often used Camping, Cycling or even at Work. Headsox defence from the elements helps you get back to doing what you do without having sunscreen all over your hands or the oily feeling of it on your skin. I like soaking my Headsox in cool water on those really summer struck days and wearing it as an added chill to cool me down. They become so comfortable when you wear them that it feels peculiar when not wearing one when you’re out doing your activity. 

Headsox Kitbag Auscam Camo

I’ve been wearing Headsox for quite a while now and I have loaded them with a clobbering throughout their lifespan, taking them on fishing trips up to the sunny North in Queensland Targeting Tropical species to the Southern sleety cold reaches in Victoria chasing Trout and Murray Cod but yet they still continue to stay in tune with protection from the weathered harsh days, with no tears, or stretch. Headsox are rated UPF 20+ protection and with a great collection of the most incomparable designs to choose from, you could easily get swept away with buying one for every day. 

I choose some of the more earthly designs like the Kitbag Auscam Camo Colour when out fishing for native freshwater fish like Bass and Murray Cod for the stealth approach. And use the brighter designs like the Solid red design when out in the Bluewater chasing Marlin or Tuna in South-East Queensland.
Headsox Solid Red

Headsox Kitbag Auscam Camo

Headsox also incorporate Australian artist’s designs on some of their products, in which they also receive a 10% royalty commission upon purchases of their designs that are featured in the line-up of Headsox quality apparel.  Aboriginal Artists from Tjukurba Art Gallery and Yarliyil Art Centre.

Jessi with her Headsox Fossil Fish

The premium option that Headsox have, is the option to customise your very own Headsox with your logo or design for either a promotional product or your own unique Headsox to wear for whatever your lifestyle activity is. The competitive pricing the company offers for production is outstanding value and is definitely an option worth considering. Fast delivery after the approved sample that will surely have you noticed in a crowd.

Headsox Solid Black

Headsox Kitbag Auscam Camo

Check out Headsox Facebook page for special offers and promotions or visit their website for Spectacular designs they have in the range and place your order or inquiries via Email.

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