Saturday, 13 October 2012



With a beautiful afternoon that came across Sydney, my partner Jessi wanted to go fish for some Bass and Carp in our local creek hole. So I decided to head down there with a few Cooper's Beers and my mates Brad and Jake as well as Jessi.

Can Never Resist A Few Coopers!!!

Throwing my Shimano Starlo Stik and Shimano Stradic Ci4 2500 rigged with a small sinker and bread wrapped on a small longshank hook into the water and began to rig up my Baitcaster rod with a sub Surface lure for some Bass when my rod went off within the first 10 Minutes.

Photography From The Beautiful Jessi

 My little stradic started screaming and taking line off the reel as i only had 5 pound Power Pro Braid and 6 Pound leader i had to loosen the drag even more so i wouldnt lose this monster. As i had already called it as a Giant Eel. He began to drag the line in search of some snags to bust me off.

Sad To Have To Leave These Fish On The Bank To Die.

After I fought it for a good 5 mins it surfaced to be a Giant Euro Carp. With help From my mates Jake and Brad to net this beast we finally got its head into the small bass net. As only it's head was able to get into the net Jake pulled it out, But only to drop it back into the water haha. But soon had him landed.

Carp Are A Real Pest In Our River Systems

I knew this Carp would be my new PB as my other PB Carp was 64cm and I knew this would go over that we popped him on the Shimano Bragmat and he spilled over to the 74cm mark.

Little Bugger Went 74cm On The Bragmat.

This little bugger had some weight to it. I estimated it to be around 7 Kg's. Very happy as i had caught him on only 6 Pound Fluro Carbon Leader.

Estimated Around 7 Kg's

Carp Are Quite Good Fun To Catch On Light Bream Gear

I remember catching monsters like this one as a child with my father but cant remember it being a fight like this one!.... But yet again it was probally on big rods like a 6-10 Kg 20 pound leaders Haha.

Another Awesome Photo From Jessi

Throwing the line back in hoping for another Beast Carp only to sadly snag a poor little Turtle. But successfully removing the hook from him he returned to the water unharmed.

Never Good When You Hook A Poor Turtle

Saturday, 6 October 2012


Sydney Harbour/North Head

Loading The Boat At The Moaring
Nothing exites me more than early morning spring sessions. With the water warming up and summer rolling through quicker than usual we headed out to the flats of sydney harbour to hunt the Flatties and Whiting.
Chasing them on vibe lures TT 1/4 Ounce Blade lures.

After Flicking Lures around the flats my cousin Nathan had never caught a fish on Lure before and I handed him my custom Ian Miller rod and Shimano Stella FE with a quarter Ounce TT Blade Lure and after the first cast on this rod he nailed his first fish on a lure. I remember the first time i got my first fish on Lure and lets admitt its exiting!!!
 Especially with a nice flattie like this one!

Not long after Nathan had nailed his Flattie Jake had a nice 47cm Flattie rollin on his new 1-3 Kg Samaki light Bream Rod. Also caught on a quarter ounce TT Blade Lure. Now these lures are remarkable and definately the best lure I would hand someone that is learning Lure Fishing. The TT Vibe Blades have the best action on them either slowed rolled on a slow retrieving Reel or hopped along the Sand Flats.

Jake Coxon 47cm Blue Spot Flathead

And Out come the Buffs with an icy cold breeze but warmed up very quickly

A Bit Cold Mate? Ha Ha
Yesterday had me and a few mates head out to north head to target some reef species off North Head Sydney Harbour, With Big Drummer in mind. Wind was around 5Km an hour but had the worst rain drizzle and unprepared for it with no weather gear.

So Lucky To Have Such A Beautiful Coastline Here In Sydney Harbour

With brock nailing a few small Drummer casting off the Rocks and retrieving accross the rock reefs.
Then as the tide came rolling through I Nailed a beautiful 40cm Blue Groper but was quickly released after the photo as this species is highly protected and is not to be kept under any circumstances, Beautiful Fish and I can see why!

40cm Beautiful Blue Groper

With the rain drizzle really setting in and becoming very cold we seen it through and I had a beautiful Luderick going around 30-33cm and I had thought it was a Southern Black Bream at first but it fought alot for a little fish taking line off the Stella!

Awesome Luderick (Black Fish)

Was kinda hard to get to the bottom of the Reef with so many of these little baby Rock Cods Smashing the line before its gets down to the bigger Species..... But A fish is a fish haha

Little Rock Cod

But brock must have got through the Rock Cods and Nailed this Beautiful Groper but yet again was quickly released after the photo!

Brock Coxon's Groper

We are Very lucky here in Sydney to have such an epic Coastline with views such as these. In fact as we were leaving we watched a spectacular view of Humpback Whales and thier Calf's upon the horizon and that is an amazing sight!!!

Veiw From The Top Of The Rock Face

Not Long before we decided to pack up and call it a day as the wind was beginning to blow and was predicted to roll in at around 20Km/h I hooked a decent size fish that began to take a bit of line of the Stella. It surfaced and was a beautiful Six-Spined Leather Jacket Going 45cm on the Bragmat but sorry fella you made the dinner plate tonight! Such a gorgeous looking fish but quite dangerous with that very sharp spike as its Dorsal Fin!

Awesome Six-Spined Leather Jacket
And this time Chops had hooked an Awesome Leather Jacket but was the species Known as the Rough Leather Jacket! also beautifully Dangerous with its spike and dog teeth.

Daniel Clarkes's Rough Leather Jacket!
A great day on the water despite the weather and wind in the arvo! This is our city and a beautiful one it is "SYDNEY"

Definately Not A Place to Fish WSithout Rock Cleats!!!
MILF - :Man I Love Fishing"