Sunday, 30 November 2014


A Look Into Bass Behavioural Changes to Wind and Temperatures 

This is a continuation from where I left off from a previous blog entry in October talking about wind dramatically changing water temperatures which seems to be shut Bass down.
I have monitored it more lately and noticed in the early afternoon when the wind is around 7-8 knots and it's a East-North Easterly there are parts of my local hole that are blocked by the wind and the waters surface temperature is around 22-23 degrees and the Bass are firing the surface. But as we drift upstream it begins to be exposed around a bend to wind and the surface temperature seems to dramatically drop 3-5 degrees, now at this time I am still sounding up strong structure on the Lowrance unit, both on Side scan and broadband and fish are present, but the Bass have shut down.

The Barometer pressure is still around 1021 hPa and rising, but yet the Bass shut down. Now I have also noted that as my drift continues through this bend and begins to takes a direction change that now puts me directly out of the wind, the surface temperature of the water starts to rise back into the 20's the Bass begin to strike surface lures again.

Now in this time I have not had a lure change, and to make things a little more confusing the wind has actually picked up to around 10 knots by the late afternoon and changes direction to a southerly which then puts me directly into the wind and to my knowledge again..... The bass shut down once

Now I have also noted that When the midday sun has shone on parts of the water for most of the day and has heated the water to around 24 degrees  and now has no sun exposure on this particular part of the waters pocket and the shadows have set in. The Bass will strike surface lures, Then once the wind picks up from 5 knots to 10 knots, but still hasn't changed direction.... The Bass stop feeding in that corner. I then motored over to scan the water's temperature and same familiar notes I had recognized from previous summaries matched, the water had dramatically decreased to 19-20 degrees.

 Anyone that lives close to the sea will tell you that on sunny days there is a constant 'On Shore Breeze' during the day and an 'Offshore Breeze' during the night. Which I believe if I'm not wrong is a direct result of the way the Earth cools the land during the day and then sea surface at night. Now that onshore breeze is cooling, but is it a "Fact" that the breeze can cool parts of inland waters so dramatically that it "Shuts Down the Bass?"

Now I'm a strong believer in the fact that the low Barometer tends to seize the bite with Bass due to the low pressure knocking around there swim bladder causing them to be lethargic and stop feeding.
You know that feeling when its raining outside and the change of air pressure has you moving slower as you get to work, whilst fighting fatigue? Well humans are not alone, Certain fish feel this lethargic feeling and a change in equilibrium. But I'm not so sure about the rapid decent of water temps that stop the Bass in their tracks!

I h ave gone more into detail in past articles a few years back for when I wrote an article on freshwater winter fishing. Link provided below.

 Freshwater Essentials In The Off-Season

Monday, 24 November 2014

FROM COUNTRY TO COAST (With a spot of Prawning)


I made a recent trip to Kempsey NSW to fish on the Macleay River for Bass. Here a a few good shots from the trip

My uncle James with a solid mid 400mm surface Bass

Gotta love Bass on surface

Few mid 400mm Macleay River surface Bass

Bass nailing cicada lure

                                                THE ENTRANCE NSW

A quick weekend trip to take some kids fishing and do some prawning for the start of the season. Stayed in a beautiful resort on the Central Coast NSW and had a ball just relaxing and going back to basics with the kids while doing a spot of prawning on the flats. Here is a few shots.... Enjoy

Nothing better than showing kids how to fish.

Tried to get away for a quick lure flick myself

My wife Jessi lending her hand in the teaching.

Young Isaac with the goods. 

Little Indiannah showing how it's done.

Beautiful part of the coastline.
Just a quick shot a few Prawns from the flats.