Monday, 23 May 2016


As winter is nearly here, Sydney is still firing the last few weeks inside the harbour and we got into a fair amount of Bream and Flathead with a few other Bi-catch species including a Kingfish on 6 pound Bream gear that nearly dusted me in the moorings a fair few times..... We also installed the new Motorguide Xi5 and Pinpoint GPS gateway system that the guys from Motorguide fitted the boat out wit, what a great piece of gear that is... More updates on that in the coming weeks.

Lowrance also supplied the new 3D Structure Scan module that also got installed on the Renegade the same day. I didn't get to play around with the 3D module that much but that also will have some more updates on the website in coming weeks.

Enjoy some of the photos. DW.

Sunday, 8 May 2016



Autumn is well and truly here now, the water temperatures in Sydney are around 21 degrees at the moment in April/May and the fishing is still hot as the winter species roll in the Summer species are still getting around.

I have been doing some bread and butter fishing inside Sydney Harbour lately, mainly targeting Bream. I have been sounding up some monster Bream feeding on bait but cant seem to extract one of them from the near by mooring , I keep getting busted off on the 6 pound light gear, but cannot get a single touch when upgraded to 8 pound line. These are seriously big fish that are dusting me one of them followed a medium sized Bream back to the boat and its well into the 40's. 

The other species that seems to be reigning inside the Harbour at the moment is big Tailor, i have sounded them up harassing bait to the surface in some really impressive sounder screenshots using structure scan to pin point the exact location of these fish and drop plastics right in front of them.