Monday, 21 April 2014


Lake Mulwala

Lake Mulwala
36.0000° S, 146.0833° E

Over the Easter break I was able to get some much needed time away to visit family in Victoria and of course I had fishing in mind as I packed Baitcasters and Cod lures.
I grew up in country Victoria through to my mid teens catching Redfin and Carp in the local waterways. I hadn't been back with a rod since and thought I was long overdue.  

An insight beneath the depths of Mulwala.
Photo by David Hunt

I Headed out to Lake Mulwala to have a view of the magnificent fishery the place holds, being one of the best fisheries for large healthy Murray Cod and backdrops of timber like a car park, what else could you want. I introduced myself to the locals at Lake Mulwala Fish Camp and Ski Tackle store across the bridge on the lake and got chatting. 

Murray Cod on DUO Crank M65 11A

The kind folk at the store had gun local fisho and Bassman Spinnerbait Cod angler Jamie Stewart take me out for a few hours in the afternoon for some needed Cod whacking. Casting at the merging timber in the lake in search for some Cod was a tough ordeal, as many fisho's know fishing is sometimes tough even though the key elements and fundamentals are in right order.

Very healthy models stocked in Mulwala.

As the sun began to fall and the cold was setting in, the Cod were lazy and much to my knowledge just didn't wanna feed until we managed to land some healthy models in the 6 and 700mm. Real healthy and well fed fish I may add, along with the fishing and quality Cod available here I must say the terrain in incredible, there is literally tens of thousands of old dead trees, some still standing, some submerged in the depths, but a perfect habitat for any ambush feeding species. Let's not fail to mention the amazing Autumn sunset along the horizon making the end of the day a most remembering one.

Amazing Sunsets on the Lake

In four hours Cod were boated and Cod were dropped and I must say I am now on a mission to return to Mulwala for a real go at this impoundment. I have unfinished business with these blokes...... Until then, Enjoy......

Visit the very kind and very knowledgeable people down at Lake Mulwala Fish Camp and Ski Tackle store at: 74 Melbourne St Mulwala (03) 5744 3133 for a shop that is decked with Cod Lures from Floor to ceiling.
Have a look at them on Facebook 

Very Special thanks to Jamie Stewart for the opportunity on the water, very much appreciated.

Dale Ward 

Thursday, 10 April 2014



I am one hundred per cent addicted to lures... An avid collector and lure angler I am constantly looking for different styles of lure fishing and never can get past a DUO lure, regardless of my affiliation with the company. Just take a look at why I think they stand out above the rest.

Find one you like and click on the link below it and check out the outrageous range of colours from natural to the all illuminating range available!!!

Grade-A Rozante 63SP

Tide Minnow Sprint

Realis Spinbait's

Realis Spinbait

Spearhead Ryuki 
Spearhead Ryuki

Spearhead Ryuki

Tetra Works Bivi

Tetra Works Poco Poco

Pressbait 85

Tide Vib Score

Tide Vib Score

Next Blue Whoopee

Realis Popper 64

Realis Popper 64

Terriff DC-9 Bullet

Jerkbait 120SP
Tide Vib Slim

Realis Crank M65 11A

Drop 75 Crank Incubator Range

Rush Crank 120

Rush Crank 60

D-Squid 95

Pressbait 125 HD

Beach Walker Acxiom 95S

Pressbait 90 Fusion

Realis Vibration 52

Beach Walker Vib

Beach Walker Vib

Tetra Works Poco Poco

Realis Minnow 80SP

Realis Crank M65 11A

Monday, 7 April 2014



Over the weekend DUO Lures showcased the lure range available here in Australia at the Family Fishing Show. There was an enormous amount of interest in the range for all lure Anglers, and even managed to convert a few bait fishermen in giving a few a go. Here are just a few Photos from the weekend.