Sunday, 23 February 2014

TRAVELOGUE: Fraser Island


TRAVELOGUE: Fraser Island

Rich, Adventurous and Diverse is a common description I would vastly use to describe this coast line that is Fraser. A place I try to frequent a few times a year, "Rich" in fishing opportunities from the golden flats, reefs, offshore pelagics and estuaries. "Adventurous" is the places Fraser holds in it's own right, picturesque. "Diverse" in species held along this coastline will have you scratching your head working out whether to drift the reefs for Snapper, Spangled Emperor, Coral Trout or Red Emperor...... to Pelagics like Longtail Tuna, Spanish Mackerel, Queenfish..... or chasing Barramundi, Threadfin Salmon in the Estuaries.

Hooked-Up on a Longtail Tuna
I have an abundance of species at the top of my bucket list, but time and time again I find myself fighting these unbelievably strong fishing fish with amazing endurance. Longtail Tuna will be sure to give you a huge length of action.

I targeted Longtail Tuna on various DUO topwater lures. High speed retrieves with DUO Pressbait 85's and Pressbait 125 HD's. The darting motion that these two topwater lures give off is irregular and had the Tuna scooting right to the boat.
A fair amount of Longtails

The Pressbait 85 lure by DUO became a lure that was swallowed by Tuna when they tended to only feed on smaller slim profiled bait. Anyone that reads my blogs know that this top water lure is so versatile and i use it for just about all Pelagic species I target. Click the Link to check out the Range:

Always looking for the photo opportunity

                          Pressbait 125 HD by DUO is a size above the Pressbait 85, It too proved it's purpose amongst the Longtails.

Photo Courtesy of Scott Mitchell.

Jake Coxon with an above average 8kg Mac Tuna

Spotted Mackerel also tend to feed amongst and near Tuna. We didn't pass up the opportunity to take in some of these awesome fish. I switched over to a different lure in the DUO range, the Beach Walker AXION. This became the go to lure by the end of the day out fishing all lures on the boat. From Mac Tuna, Longtails, Longtoms and Mackerel.

Jake Coxon Spotting Flighty Tuna feeding

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This Beachwalker Axion is DOA0271 Sparkling Crown colour and is essentially a top water lure that can have many actions. A slow retrieve will give it a constant tail wobble, The sink retrieve action working the rod tip up and down or the way I tend the use it at fast retrieve that gives it the flash effect as it scatters the surface.  Click this link to check out the range in this lure by DUO:

Jake Coxon with a nice Spotted Mackerel on a Plastic.

I ended up hooking one of those Bronze Whaler Sharks that kept taking our fish.