Friday, 30 August 2013



First light surface session on some light pelagics with Press Bait 85 Surface slugs from DUO. For many that read my blog entries will know that I absolutely love these lures on Pelagic fish. The action is incredible and success never fails on the awesome and most credible workmanship that has gone into the design and production of these beauties. There is a full Feild report on the Press Bait 85 lures on DUO International's website coming in the next few days so stay tuned for the update on TheFishCure Facebook page at:

Brock Coxon

Double Hook-Up

With brand new Polarized Sunglasses the Gin models to test out that Tonic Eyewear sent me really held up against the overcast morning we had. Carving through the glare ridden water with Tonic's glass lenses certainly made spot the fish trailing the lure a more easier affair.

                                 These Bonito were a little over average for the stones here in
                                             Sydney with all around 50-55cm in length.

Large Bonito really put a bend in light rods.

Brock Coxon's last fish for the day

Monday, 19 August 2013



I have been using Tonic Polarized Sunglasses for a considerable amount of time now, and have recently joined the Pro Staff Team, distinctly and honestly because I chose to support a company I directly believe is first class in the market of eye wear. I veraciously have never laid a more exceptional pair of optical polarisers on my face like Tonic’s. In use with countless Fly Anglers, it’s just no doubt why they choose to wear Tonic’s. The clarity is nothing but precision, the way Creator Doug Phillips (Also original creator of Spotters Eye wear) incorporates the four colours in his lenses so there is no unnecessary colour change in hue’s and 100% no distortion in the corners, top and bottom of the lenses. Several other polarized sunglasses will distort an image in the peripheral part of the vision, but Tonic’s eliminate that altogether to create a smooth visual transition from the naked eye to the polarized effect.

The eye wear is accessible in a range of seven designs, the Rush, Bono, Evo, Gin, Shimmer, Solo and Spirit. One of the most incomparable aspects about this eye wear is a choice of either Black or Tortoise Shell Tensile frames with the choice of either glass lenses or polycarbonate lenses.
The high contrast copper photochromic glass lenses I boast to get the best results in Saltwater conditions as it advances and changes the contrast of the water to higher contrast of colour in order sight more fish in the field of vision and darkens the light of colour accordingly.  The Blue smoke lenses have a better addition in freshwater applications. I tend to do a lot of freshwater fishing in the warmer months and this is where the grey scale blue smoke lenses come into a league of their own.  All models are conveniently available in both blue smoke and copper and the new models like Rush and Evo now come with a Tonic lanyard (Neck cord system).

So light in weight, you seem to forget you are wearing them because these polarisers have an incredible light weight in contents, even in the glass lens models; it amazes me as to how weightless they really are. 

The way this eye wear cuts through the glare without distorting or losing any clarity is very impressive. Do yourself a favour when at your nearest stockist, put on a pair of Tonic’s and find out for yourself. I promise you, you will leave the shop with these attractively packaged sunnies, and won’t ever look at any others.

The Full Package

BONO Model

EVO Model

GIN Model

RUSH Model


SOLO Model


Sunday, 18 August 2013



With Bass season only around the corner and due to start in September, a mate and I headed out in search of some new Bass waterhole locations. We came across this part of a system in which I will withhold the name of, but sunken snags alongside the waters edge right the way along the banks and Water Lillie's hold in this section of the water which is quite rare to find in Sydney. Anyway here are some of the photos. It's gonna be a good season for Bass this year I am hoping some big Bass will be landed from this location. 

Friday, 9 August 2013



Today was a little different from my usual fishing. Feeling a little out of my comfort zone, and back to basics by using bait I headed out with a few mates to some rock ledges in Sydney to target a few reef species with Drummer on the target list. Although the Drummer never read the memo to turn up, we ended up nailing a fair few cool reef species like these Blue Groper. This is the sketchiest spot I have ever fished, Scaling up and abseiling down cliff face's is something I don't do everyday. Although a very cool day with great company.

Cool view from the top of the ledge

Scaling down rock faces was definitely not on the advert haha

Awesome Female Sydney Blue Groper that went just over 2kg

Neil battling his Groper

Neil's 2.5kg Blue Groper

These Blue groper surprisingly fight very hard