Friday, 9 August 2013



Today was a little different from my usual fishing. Feeling a little out of my comfort zone, and back to basics by using bait I headed out with a few mates to some rock ledges in Sydney to target a few reef species with Drummer on the target list. Although the Drummer never read the memo to turn up, we ended up nailing a fair few cool reef species like these Blue Groper. This is the sketchiest spot I have ever fished, Scaling up and abseiling down cliff face's is something I don't do everyday. Although a very cool day with great company.

Cool view from the top of the ledge

Scaling down rock faces was definitely not on the advert haha

Awesome Female Sydney Blue Groper that went just over 2kg

Neil battling his Groper

Neil's 2.5kg Blue Groper

These Blue groper surprisingly fight very hard

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