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With Winter really here, this is the time when some really big Australian Salmon hit the shores of the East-Coast of NSW and VIC. These fish are so much fun, with the acrobatic leaps and hard runs this sport species is amongst my favourite at this time of year.

Australian Salmon

Great big Perch-like mouth 

Targeting Australian Salmon from the rocks is one of my favourite ways to chase this species. throwing DUO Pressbait 85 Lures off the rocks and high speed retrieving them, watching the Salmon emerge from the water, chase and smash the lure from the surface is a cool way to fish.

Jake Coxon.... Salmon on Plastic
There are many ways to fish for Australian Salmon. Many Old-School Anglers like to fish off the beach for Salmon. Using gang hooks patanosta rig setup, and star sinkers. Although you will hookup a decent Salmon or even a big Greenback Tailor as by-catch, but I would still prefer spinning surface lures for them... way to much fun!!

Australian Salmon on DUO's Pressbait 85 Surface Lure
Jessi Fitzpatrick with her PB Salmon of 65cm from the rocks

These fish are well known to throw hooks when they get to the surface they leap and spit the hooks from their mouth. When they come close to the surface keep your rod tip down close to the water and this tends to stop them from jumping, or if they do, the line will be tight and save you from losing a good fish.

Jake Coxon with a great specimen

Awesome bright coloured Salmon

 The Australian Salmon are far from a good tasting table fish, but some people claim that if they are cooked right then they taste quite good. Me, personally, I target Salmon for the sport side of there leaping skills and hard runs, not to eat. All of my Salmon are returned to the water.

A very sizable and healthy Salmon from the rocks

Releasing a decent size Salmon

Average sized Australian Salmon on the Truth Mat at 55cm

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