Monday, 18 June 2012


Australian Salmon (Arripis Trutta).

Make Sure You Bleed These Fish Upon Catching Immediately
During the cooler winter months there is not much fish on the bite and alot of anglers pack their gear away and wait for the warmer months. But there are plenty of fish to catch in the cooler months such as the big Greenback Tailors run in the cool months of winter as well as Drummer (Black Fish) from the rocks and in some places on the reefs there is an umbundance of Snapper to be caught. But one species in particular I like to catch in winter is the Australian Salmon (Arripis Trutta). There are many ways to catch this fish may it be from the rocks off a breakwall or heads, Now even though Australian Salmon are not actually considered a Salmon they are more considered a Sea Perch, So if you are thinking of taking a few home don't expect them to be a pink fleshed meat like some Atlantic Salmon, as they can be a nice fish if cooked properly, generally smoked is the best way to eat this species. But be warned that if you intend to eat these fish be sure to bleed them immediately after catching as they have a high content of blood and this can spoil the whole fish, best way to bleed them is to cut thier throat and hang them upside down to let the blood drain.

Rigging Up A Pilchard On Gang Hooks
These fish typically weigh between 1 and 2.5 kg with some rare specimans reaching a weight of 6kg, Australian record is 9.4kg. You can catch this species with a number of  bait like Beach worm, Blood worm, Blue bait, Fish flesh, Pilchard, Pippi, Poddy mullet, Prawn, Sand worm, White bait fly: Saltwater Baitfish lure: Jigs, Slice, Spinnerbait, Spoon Tackle. But I like to target these Fish from the beach on Pilchards. The best way to rig up for beach Pelagics using bait is to Have no less than 10 pound Power Pro Braid for the main line, run to a Split line Swivel with a 15 to 20 Pound monofilament leader with a size two star sinker and monofilament leader running to size 5 ganghooks on full Pilchards and a ball sinker just befor the gangs to suit the current.

Avoid Getting Wet With A Pair Of Waders
If your fishing from the beach you best get yourself a 12 foot beach rod I use a Shimano 12 foot Aerowave rod, and a good sized reel like a Shimano Stradic 5000FJ. Be sure to cast past the breaking waves off the beach sometimes you may get a bit wet as you may need to walk into the beach in the water to ensure you get a good cast, To help assist in not getting wet you can buy a pair of fishing waders that most fly fisherman wear

These fish are great exitement to catch as they are good acrobatics, and tend to jump in the air as much as 2 metres, but be warned they jump as a mechanism to get free from your line and tend to either bust you off if you have light leaders and sometimes unhook themselves. Usually salmon are betrayed by either by the commotion they cause at the surface as they chase bait fish, or by the concentrations of wheeling and diving birds ever ready to take advantage of an easy meal as bait fish are forced to the surface by the frenzied attack from below.

A Frenzied Attack From Australian Salmon

A Chopper Tailor Will Bite you Off If Your Not Careful
Although times you think you may have hooked a Salmon but Chopper Tailor are very prominant on the beach waters in the cooler months and also being a good fight also, they tend to bite you off, I had a 55cm Greenback Tailor actually bite through my gang hook as i had size 3 hooks, they can be pesty little things when your trying to target Salmon.

Australian Salmon inhabits coastline, rocky headlands, offshore, breakwaters, surf beaches in holes and gutters, large estuaries, bays and harbours of the southern half of the continent. They are are a pelagic fish that travel in schools, and 60% of the time when someone hooks one, two or three people around you will also have some success in hook ups at the same time as I said they travel in schools of around 10.
 A little hint in targetting these species they prefer rising tide. Tend to stay in the surf for hours even when the weather is poor. A touchy biter, its bite can be indecisive and its mouth is soft, so use sharp hooks such as Mustad Gangs and a careful hand are needed to avoid it tearing free.
Salmon Inhabit Between Geraldon W.A To The Fraser Coast Of QLD
 Australian Salmon are found in the south of Australia from Geraldon W.A through the Great Australian Bite and Port lincoln in S.A, Through the coast line of Victoria and right around Tasmania, Up the South Eastern side of Australia up to the Fraser Coast of Queensland.

 Australian salmon stocks were decimated by intensive commercial netting effort during the second half of the 20th century, with most ending up in cans intended for humans and their pets, as well as being used for crayfish pot baits in the lucrative western rock lobster fishery. Happily, all of this harvesting activity has been moderated in more recent years, and salmon populations are finally staging a modest recovery throughout the fish’s range.Aussie salmon have rather dark, strongly-flavoured flesh. As a result, they’re not especially highly rated as a food fish. Whether you enjoy eating them, or simply unhook and release these great fish so they may continue on their watery migrations, salmon are definitely a fish to be celebrated, appreciated and respected.

Spanyid Metal Lure 40 Gram
60cm Australian Salmon Caught In Swansea NSW
Another way of catching these beautiful species of Pelagic fish is to spin Metal lures such as Spanyids or Raiders, I have even had success with catching Salmon on Shimano's new inovative Wax Wing lures they are a fast retrieving surface lure intended to look like a fleeing baitfish on the waters suface and Salmon are suckers to these lures and will take them very violently and run. Heavy metal lures in the 50-70g range are usually the weapons of choice for those chasing salmon. Being able to cast a long distance is often an advantage as the schools don't always pass by right in close to the beach or rocks. A medium paced retrieve or fast paced retrieve will work, but holding the rod high and winding fast will skip the lure across the surface and this can be deadly, especially when the salmon are really hungry.

Spinning Off The Rocks At Swansea NSW With Spanyids On Shimano Terez, Shimano Stradic 5000FJ

On southern beaches, Salmon are about to some extent for most of the year, but very prominant in the cooler moths, and sometimes run like plagues through the southern parts of Australia. Anglers may drive along the crisp white sand watching for the telltale dark smudge of a salmon school, jumping into the action with spinning rods as soon as one is spotted. Most Australian Salmon Range betwenn 40cm and 70cm along the coastline.

57cm Australian Salmon Caught on Pilchards on Budgewoi Beach NSW

So if you are planning on chasing these species of fish this winter I hope I have provided some knowledge and tips from experience with these fish, they are a great winter species to fight and I have a lot of fun targetting them.

MILF "Man I Love Fishing"

Monday, 11 June 2012



This weekend we headed up north of Sydney about 130km to a coastal oasis called Swansea.
Camping in Swansea with the Fitzpatricks
Camping in blacksmiths caravan park just past the Swansea bridge on the Northern side, and being just a walk pace from either Lake Maquarie, or Blacksmiths Beach. Arriving around 4pm Friday afternoon and after setting up decided to go for a quick fishing session as we only had about an hour of light left, but with no luck targetting Bream and Flathead on the Squidgy Wriggler in Wasabi and Firework colours.

Beach fishing on Blacksmiths Beach
The next day as i checked Willy Weather it read a 1 metre inshore swell, wind blowing 5-10 knots you would think that would be great fishing conditions, well no! because it also says that expect 63mm of rain in the next 24 hours! So out came the wet weather gear as i wasnt stupid enough not to pack,  So having a choice of destinations comes with choice of species and choice of gear. We decided to target Australian Salmon from the beach. Rigging up with 15 pound Power Pro braid and 20 pound monofilament leader, star sinker, size 2 gang hooks, full pichards, and T Swivels. A 12 foot Shimano Aerowave Beach Rod and Shimano Stradic 5000FJ reel.

Nearly reaching the 60cm
 Being low tide and having to walk out to waste deep to cast over the breaking waves soon separates the keen from the shy. I had been fishing for around an hour on Blacksmiths Beach in around 12 degrees with a fair share of  false alarms my drag began to scream. Reeling the rod that had quite an amount af weight on the line for a few minutes i realised i had not seen the salmon jump yet and began to think i may have hooked a chopper Greenback Tailor. Having the fish as close as around 5 metres from the shore and seeing the size of the fish he had broke away, Reeling in the line my guess was correct as it was definately a Tailor as he had actually biten through the middle gang hook and i estimated the fish to be around 50cm from what i could seen as it surfaced.
Getting back in that cold water to cast and i was fishing for around 30 mins when the sun was just about set my drag began to run again and this felt like an even bigger fish on the line, moments after hooking it,the fish had jumped in the distance past the breaking waves and i had definately had an Australian Salmon this time. I personally think this is the best way to catch these species and that is off the beach, they seem to fight harder or maybe its just the breaking waves that make it feel like it either way its my favourite way to target this beautiful species. A beautiful fish it was measuring 57cm on the Brag Mat.

As most people know and for those that dont know, you need to bleed an Australian Salmon as it has a lot of blood content and it spoils the flesh if you are planning on taking this fish home, and the best way is to cut its throat and hang it upside down or alot of people usually bury its head in the sand to let the blood drain.

Bleeding a Salmon

Starlo clssix Bream rod, Terez and lipstik
Setting up a Shimano Starlo Classix 7 foot Squidgy Rod with 10 pound Power Pro and 5 pound mono leader and Squidgy Shad in white lightning colour and 8 ounce Fish head jig we were set to target bream for the second round, heading for lake Maquarie we settled on a rock breakwall and began to flick the squidgies.

Jessi with her Sand Whiting
After around an hour of flicking different places along the rocks we decide to head to a near by waveless beach in Lake Maquarie and after another hour an still no bream i decided to pack it in, only to be told that my partner Jess had hooked a fish and I predicted it to be a Sand Whiting, and a Sand Whiting it is measuring only 25cm seen this little fella see the water for another day.

This place is a beautiful ocean getaway only an hour and a half north of Sydney and a place that my partner Jess and I have begun to holiday here around twice a year, it has beautiful sunsets amzing long beaches, alot of family friendly activities come Summertime, affordable accomodation around this gorgeous lake that is Australia's largest coastal salt water lake, covering an area of 110 square kilometres (42.5 sq mi).Lake Macquarie is connected to the sea by Swansea Channel and Lakes Entrance and recreational fishing is improving as fish stocks respond to the recent removal of commercial fishing and the significant increase in water quality that has come from a concerted environmental program undertaken by the state government and council.

 The next day we decide to head to the breakwall off Blacksmiths Beach in rigged up with a Shimano Terez 702 Shimano Stradic 5000FJ with 15 pound Braid and 20 pound mono leader equipped with Shimano's Wax Wing Sub Surface lure in search of bonito as well i packed my Shimano Aerowave 12 footer to chase those Australian Salmon off the rock. Casting out at the end of the breakwall spinning my Wax Wing Lures for around 30 mins before switching outfits to the 12 footer and rigging full pilchards on gang hooks and casting out to Sea

. Fishing for around 20 mins with everyone around me pulling in Australian Salmon i had hooked my first off the rocks and quite an acrobat as he jumped aroune 3 times during the fight getting him close to the rocks edge and noone to net the fish for me i asked Jess gto hold the rod and keep the tension as i landed the fish as i grabbed the leader the fish headed under gthe rocks and busted me off. I didnt mind so much as i hooked another 3 that day all over 60cm and showing off with their regular acrobatic jumps an amazing fish to fight in the colder months of summer.

Jess then decided she wanted to try a hook a fish as the old guy next to us was reeling in a number of Silver Trevally she wanted to hook one for herself and as I was talking her into forgetting about the trevally as they rarely ever go for a full Pilchard she had hooked a fish and after reeling it to my suprise she had hooked a 30cm Silver Trevally as the old man next to us assured her its not a good look for me for her to show me up, but I took it like a man.

As i tried for a couple more Salmon the next day off the rocks in the Terrential rain by myself I hooked another Australian Salmon that would close my Salmon account for Swansea, as there was yet noone to net this fish for me I had no choice but to grab the leader and cut him off. I thought I may as well try for another so I casted out again and had some big bites but no takes, but the bites continued and then i hooked it, I knew it wasnt a Salmon as it had not much of a fight in him I thought maybe a Small Bonito but realised it was a 10 cm (Body Measure) Sand Crab that I had released and decided to take that catch as my last for Swansea.


MILF "Man I Love Fishing"

Friday, 1 June 2012



Sydney Harbour definately has a great selection and variety of fish, especially your bread and butter types like Bream and Flathead so we went in search of some late night fishing. Destination, Balmain East Wharf. With its amazing view of North Sydney and the City, not to mention the Harbour Bridge all illuminated by the Cities Spectaclar light display.

Fishing with prawns and some squid targetting the Bream and Flatties around 9pm off the wharf seemed like a great spot, as we were with some of our  friends Brogan and Bec, although frustrating at times as though we had to wind in our lines every 30 mins due to the ferries arriving and especially when your hooked on to a fish and still have to pull it in as fast as you can.

The night offered  quite a variety of good size Bream especially this one Brogan hooked measuring 30cm and Baby pinky Snappers with plenty of Yakka's and Squid around the Pier,

One interesting catch I hooked was this common brown Stingray. Took the drag out a bit at first i thought it may be a Large Southern Black Bream, but relised it wasnt as it had no head shakes, as it started to surface I thought it was a Flounder but soon realised it was a Ray when it started to flap its wings on the surface. Measuring 50cm was not a bad catch considering there was only really Bream around


MILF "Man I Love Fishing"