Friday, 1 June 2012



Sydney Harbour definately has a great selection and variety of fish, especially your bread and butter types like Bream and Flathead so we went in search of some late night fishing. Destination, Balmain East Wharf. With its amazing view of North Sydney and the City, not to mention the Harbour Bridge all illuminated by the Cities Spectaclar light display.

Fishing with prawns and some squid targetting the Bream and Flatties around 9pm off the wharf seemed like a great spot, as we were with some of our  friends Brogan and Bec, although frustrating at times as though we had to wind in our lines every 30 mins due to the ferries arriving and especially when your hooked on to a fish and still have to pull it in as fast as you can.

The night offered  quite a variety of good size Bream especially this one Brogan hooked measuring 30cm and Baby pinky Snappers with plenty of Yakka's and Squid around the Pier,

One interesting catch I hooked was this common brown Stingray. Took the drag out a bit at first i thought it may be a Large Southern Black Bream, but relised it wasnt as it had no head shakes, as it started to surface I thought it was a Flounder but soon realised it was a Ray when it started to flap its wings on the surface. Measuring 50cm was not a bad catch considering there was only really Bream around


MILF "Man I Love Fishing"

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