Sunday, 18 May 2014


Latest in Rod Technology

Today I tested out a new rod from from Gary Loomis's new range, Edge Rods. These rods are nothing but precision, built with the highest grade of graphite material offered by North Fork Composites.
After using this rod I came to the conclusion that the 703 rod is "The lightest, most crisp and sensitive rod I have had in my hands to date"

I used a variety of different styles and lures today with this rod, from surface pencil's and popper's through to shad minnows, vibes and plastics all with the same outcome... Sensitivity. The extra fast taper in the ISR 703 model allows the angler to twitch surface lures with ease, just the slightest tweak of the tip puts out a perfect response to the lure without having to jerk the tip to much and allowing the angler to focus more on the retrieve. The soft tip alerts the angler of the slightest bump or bite in the lure, this kind of sensitivity will assist any angler and provide them with the maximum action throughout the retrieve.

Using plastics with this rod I was amazed at the response from the blank, the slightest brush of the plastic from a submerged log or structure in the water was immediately transferred through the blank, acting in tune with the innovative graphite butt of the rod right through to my hands.
 I have some deal of success on vibes lures for Flathead, Bream, Golden Perch, and various other species but I rely on the bite reaction. I found that while working vibe lures back through the water you can clearly sense the vibration from them.
Any movement through the line immediately transfers directly back into your hand even the slightest movement of the rod tip. Such sensitivity will give comfort in the angler for turning that quick bite reaction around, and will allow you to set the hook fast and eliminate losing any counteraction.

The Black Widow handle is 100% carbon fiber that reacts extremely more responsive to the standard cork and foam grips commonly used in rod builds. The Edge 703 is built with the latest in guide trains and features REC's titanium recoil guides, so light the reduction in weight loss is incredible that just adds to the performance and craftsmanship that is offered in this range of rods.

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Thursday, 8 May 2014



A Quick Reference for colour codes and designs for DUO Lures.


Thursday, 1 May 2014


DUO International Lure Facebook Competition.

Our kind friends at DUO International Lures have requested a competition for this page to celebrate the new Rough Trail Blazin lure and new colours in the Realis Vibration 68 G-FIX Lures new to the country, with $200 worth of lures to give away!


TO ENTER!... you must like Dale Ward's TheFishCure page at:

DUO Lures Australia Page at: share this photo, and write in the comment section below what your favourite DUO Lure is.

The draw will be held on Facebook as a Video link, drawn at random on Friday the 23rd of May.
Best of Luck.

 Prize Includes:

Next Blue Whoopee :

Beach Walker Axcion :

Realis Vibration 68 G-FIX (Two new colours) :

Rough Trail Blazin :

Pressbait 85 :

Realis Vibration 62 :

Realis Minnow 80 SP :