Monday, 24 November 2014

FROM COUNTRY TO COAST (With a spot of Prawning)


I made a recent trip to Kempsey NSW to fish on the Macleay River for Bass. Here a a few good shots from the trip

My uncle James with a solid mid 400mm surface Bass

Gotta love Bass on surface

Few mid 400mm Macleay River surface Bass

Bass nailing cicada lure

                                                THE ENTRANCE NSW

A quick weekend trip to take some kids fishing and do some prawning for the start of the season. Stayed in a beautiful resort on the Central Coast NSW and had a ball just relaxing and going back to basics with the kids while doing a spot of prawning on the flats. Here is a few shots.... Enjoy

Nothing better than showing kids how to fish.

Tried to get away for a quick lure flick myself

My wife Jessi lending her hand in the teaching.

Young Isaac with the goods. 

Little Indiannah showing how it's done.

Beautiful part of the coastline.
Just a quick shot a few Prawns from the flats.

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  1. Those are some elegant looking fishes you have managed to whip up for yourselves. Hope that getting them wasn't too much stress. Fishing is patience, plus discipline and then more, such as being used to water physics while you make the trek. So it's cool you've got the boats around to give a bit of equilibrium for you. Thanks for sharing that! All the best!

    Kent Garner @ Whites Marine Center