Saturday, 13 October 2012



With a beautiful afternoon that came across Sydney, my partner Jessi wanted to go fish for some Bass and Carp in our local creek hole. So I decided to head down there with a few Cooper's Beers and my mates Brad and Jake as well as Jessi.

Can Never Resist A Few Coopers!!!

Throwing my Shimano Starlo Stik and Shimano Stradic Ci4 2500 rigged with a small sinker and bread wrapped on a small longshank hook into the water and began to rig up my Baitcaster rod with a sub Surface lure for some Bass when my rod went off within the first 10 Minutes.

Photography From The Beautiful Jessi

 My little stradic started screaming and taking line off the reel as i only had 5 pound Power Pro Braid and 6 Pound leader i had to loosen the drag even more so i wouldnt lose this monster. As i had already called it as a Giant Eel. He began to drag the line in search of some snags to bust me off.

Sad To Have To Leave These Fish On The Bank To Die.

After I fought it for a good 5 mins it surfaced to be a Giant Euro Carp. With help From my mates Jake and Brad to net this beast we finally got its head into the small bass net. As only it's head was able to get into the net Jake pulled it out, But only to drop it back into the water haha. But soon had him landed.

Carp Are A Real Pest In Our River Systems

I knew this Carp would be my new PB as my other PB Carp was 64cm and I knew this would go over that we popped him on the Shimano Bragmat and he spilled over to the 74cm mark.

Little Bugger Went 74cm On The Bragmat.

This little bugger had some weight to it. I estimated it to be around 7 Kg's. Very happy as i had caught him on only 6 Pound Fluro Carbon Leader.

Estimated Around 7 Kg's

Carp Are Quite Good Fun To Catch On Light Bream Gear

I remember catching monsters like this one as a child with my father but cant remember it being a fight like this one!.... But yet again it was probally on big rods like a 6-10 Kg 20 pound leaders Haha.

Another Awesome Photo From Jessi

Throwing the line back in hoping for another Beast Carp only to sadly snag a poor little Turtle. But successfully removing the hook from him he returned to the water unharmed.

Never Good When You Hook A Poor Turtle

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