Monday, 23 June 2014



Sydney has had a very warm start of winter and the temperature in late May was still averaging around 25 degrees making the water temp of around 21-22 degrees, so the Salmon haven't really made a show along the southern East coast yet, except a few scattered stranglers here and there along the ledges.

I had upgraded my hook setup on DUO's Pressbait 85 lure to gain a better hookup to miss ratio with two assist hooks as I always find that salmon and even Tailor and Bonito will follow a lure right to the ledge striking at the lure the whole time but just missing the hooks. This way it gives just that little bit more confidence in a fish striking at reaching the hook setup.

I went out last weekend for a few hours before the wind picked up and started to blow 25knots. It was definitely a very slow day with few people fishing for Drummer and Luderick from the ledge with no real luck at all. 

Although there was hardly any Salmon around I managed to land one in the few hours we had on the water and the first for the season with hopefully a crackin' season ahead. I will be targetting a few Salmon from my boat on the fly in the coming months.

Cheers Dale Ward 

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