Wednesday, 25 April 2012



Yesterday had us meet some friends on the waters of Brooklyn in search of some nice Flathead and Bream to serve on the plate for dinner. we meet some mates in the water at the Brooklyn railway bridge and choppy waters sent us to fish the banks outside the rail bridge for more cover after about an hour with no bights is a good indication to move on. So we began to head to Croppy Point and achored in casting distance to some rock edges along side a sandy beach. Flicking Soft plastics along the rock edges had my soft squidgy Shad in sand colour biten with a chunk taken out behind the head began my friend to think it may be a squid bite. But I seem to think it was the result of an angry hungry Tailor.

I had caught a small 20cm bream to open the account for the day but returned him to the water.
Then I had caught a 35cm Dusky Flathead That seems to not really fight at all.
Jess Realised she was hooked on only after she had started to retrieve her line in to check the bait was till there. And also said it was not much of a fighter, But all was well when she measued her 48cm Flathead that was now Dinner.

I had then began to real in  nice little 30cm whiting which also made its way on the dinner plate. We headed east across the hawksbury river to a place that i like to call Bream rock as there is an abundance of Bream in this area. Casting Poppas in the water in an attempt to lure in a nice Bream had me thinking that these fish today are picky in terms of there food.

So I Switched to Bait and decided to use some squid and soon Jess and I had hooked on to some really nice Tailor, But only 25cm babys.
Moments after releasing the Tailor's Jess snagged another little Tailor and we decided to call it a day as the wind was blowing 10 to 15 knots and was around 20 degrees in the sun. So cold and so choppy thats us for a day

MILF - "Man I Love Fishing"

My boat moared at the pier

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