Wednesday, 25 April 2012



We began our morning at 5am on the water by 5 15am. After putting the boat in at River Heads, Headed out to the waters off the western side of Fraser Island, After the long Drive on the water, Luckily Having  near new 60Hp Suzuki outboard engine On the Haines Signature 485SF cause it was 1 and a half hour drive out to sea.

Searching for bird activity in the sky wasnt to hard for Jess as she spotted the diving birds Missiling themselves in the ocean to feed on the fleeing Herring and Garfish. We began to chase the birds to get just in casting range. Flicking a Shimano Wax Wing 88 into the ball of baitfish and powering the lure back to the boat had Jess hooked on to a nice Mac Tuna. Reluctantly Jess Released the tuna and in turn she found more birds so we persued them right away.

Moments after the first Lure hit the water Jess was on again. Within Moments of Jess's second hookup I had snagged myself a nice Tuna also with Jess and I both double Hooked up was a interesting experience as we were both fighting Tunas and dodging each other around the boat as most people know Tunas swim in circles and this was quite a challenge. Awesomely they were Long Tail Tunas Jess landed the Tuna and weighed in at 10 Kgs and my Tuna Weighed in at 15 Kgs Amazing Fighters!!!

 We then headed for the reef for some Snapper Fishing With No Luck on the Snappers I did Land this Nice Tealeaf Trevelly at 50cm. On The way back to land Jess spotted some more birds so we began to chase and flicked more lures into the balls of bait and Jess hooked another Long Tail Tuna but was exhausted to pull it all the way in so passed the rod to me and i landed the rest of it. Weighing in at 12 Kgs Amazing Day!! Amazing Fish!! Amazing Fight!!!

MILF - "Man I Love Fishing"

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