Wednesday, 25 April 2012



Hervey Bay QLD was the destination of many of our stop overs on our trip. Fishing the waters of coffs harbour, Byron Bay, and Gold Coast until reaching Queenslands East Coast Paradise "Hervey Bay"
The long drive (!7 Hours) was well worth the wait, as we Started in a small creek than runs off the Bay called "German Creek" Trawlled for barramundi for about 2 hours with no success. So decided to start flicking lures along the mangrove banks. Choose of lure being the new Threadybuster in Silver.
Not to long after the first lure hit the water My partner Jess was on with a nice little Tailor and not long after hooked a real nice little Grunter.

After Flicking These Lures through this Remote Creek 30 mins up the Southern side of the Bay for around and hour I was on. To knowledge thought I had hooked a thredfin Salmon by the way he smashed the lure from the bank after on two cranks. But with hefty head shakes soon realised it to be a Trevelly. And a nice 60cm Diamond Trevelly at that!!.

Just as we were about to pull all in and have a beer, Jess snagged a nice little queensland Moses Perch to close the account for today, So we then headed to the Sand Bar in Kingfisher Bay On Fraser Coast's Faser Island to enjoy a nice cold James Squire beer to one the most amazing sunsets that fraser has to offer.

MILF - "Man I Love Fishing"

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