Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Fluorocarbon Leader
Fluorocarbon leaders are used regularly in conjunction with PowerPro. The specific applications where a fluorocarbon leader is used range from Fly-lining baits for Pelagics to tournament bass fisherman drop-shotting in clear lakes. By utilizing a Fluorocarbon Leader, PowerPro can be used in all situations an angler may encounter. With this technique, anglers do not have to sacrifice sensitivity, strength and abrasion resistance like they had to when fishing straight monofilament was their only option.

Spinning Reels
Over the years, many anglers have asked us about PowerPro on spinning reels. The overwhelming question was, "PowerPro works perfectly on my baitcast reel...but how will it perform on my spinning reel?" It will perform beautifully. Because of PowerPro's Enhanced Body Technology, you will feel the line simply glide off of your spinning reel and through your guides giving you casting distance like never before. PowerPro will outperform monofilament and other super lines because of the EBT process. Spinning reels equipped with the Propulsion Line Management System are ideal for use with PowerPro as the small loops thrown off the spool minimize backlash, loops and tangles. For the best PowerPro spinning reel experience look for Propulsion equipped spinning reels that also utilize the Aero Wrap II Oscillation for the best line lay possible.

Spooling your Reel
All braided lines need to be spooled in a specific manner. Because of PowerPro's incredibly thin diameter and limited stretch, it is very important that your PowerPro line is packed tightly on your reel. When a braided line is first put onto your reel, ideally you should place a small piece of arbor tape (or electrical tape) onto the spool itself. The tape prevents the spool from slipping underneath your line. (TIP: If you do not use a few wraps of monofilament or tape as backing, the PowerPro will actually slip on the spool giving you the illusion that the reel has no drag.) Once the tape is in place, wrap your PowerPro around the spool 2-4 times. Next tie a "uni" knot and tighten around the spool.

When braided line is being wound onto the reel, be sure to add pressure to your spool of PowerPro to guarantee that the line is being packed tightly. Once you are finished spooling up your reel, use your thumb to press down on the line on your spool. If it feels soft, you may need to re-spool your line and apply more pressure. However, if you press down and the line feels hard, then your line is packed tightly on the spool and you are ready to go fishing!

Power Pro Braided line is my choice of line and i personally think that there is no better briad on the market!!!



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