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Shimano’s line of Stella spinning reels rarely ceases to impress. With its shiny, gunmetal blue finish and gold highlights, this reel just exudes “flagship” status. But, and there’s always a “but”, for some reason, the FE interpretation of this reel feels much more understated than the FD version. It’s all in the design of the spool. The FD, with it’s slanted, tear drop, ported reveals looked aggressive and on the move while the FD, with its more orderly drilled ports, is almost a throwback to the FA.

  Off the display rack, the FE feels no different in hand than previous versions. While it’s no Daiwa Exist/Steez in weight, the Stella has always been weighted right. People like to complain about baitcasting reels in the eight ounce range, but spinning reels in the 2500 to 3000 size routinely weigh in close to ten ounces. When matched with a light to medium light spinning rod, that weight just deadens the feel of the rod. To compensate, anglers downsize their reels to something in the size range of the 750s to 1500s, but with those smaller reels you get smaller diameter spools and more line management issues. The Stella 3000 FE is rated at 8 ounces out of the box just a half ounce more than the Chronarch D or Curado E. 

I fished the the Stella 3000 FE on three different sticks, A G Loomis, Shimano T-Curve and The Shimano Terez 701 Its is an amzing reel on all types of rod ranges and weights. For anglers looking for the best in spinning reels, be it for bream, trout, bass and Mulloway, or inshore saltwater use for bonefish, redfish and permit, "With these new features, Shimano have taken Stella to another level, continuing the goal of enhancing the overall fishing experience." 

All four Stella reels have 14 S A-RB shielded anti-rust ball bearings, lightweight magnesium frames and sideplate, waterproof drag, and Septon handle grips (paddle grip on the 1000, flat T on the 2500, and saltwater T type on the 3000 and 4000).

The Stella 1000FE has a 5.0:1 gear ratio, will retrieve in 25-inches of line per crank, and has the spool capacity to handle 6- to 12-pound mono or 10- to 20-pound PowerPro braid. Both with a 6.0:1 gear ratios retrieving in 35-inches of line per crank, the Stella 2500FE holds 8- to 12-pound test mono, or 10- to 30-pound PowerPro, while the 3000FE can handle from 8- to 16-pound mono or 10- to 40-pound PowerPro. The 4000FE as a 6.2:1 gear ratio, retrieves 38-inches of line per cranks, and has the capacity for 12- to 20-pound test mono or 15- to 50-pound test PowerPro.

The Stella FE won the Best Freshwater Reel Award at ICAST 2010

Suggested Retail: STL1000FE - $699.99; STL2500FE/3000FE - $729.99; STL 4000FE - $749.99

GREAT REEL!!! In my opinion "The Best"


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