Saturday, 28 April 2012


Very Dangerous Way To Fish



Not often can you catch Pelagic fish from land, our destination today was Whale Beach on Sydney's Northern Beachs with a few mates to the rock cliffs to fish and hopefully snag some of the pelagic species that the place is known for. Armed with Pilchards, Spanyids, Wax Wings and various metal lures.


Little Mac Tuna Still Fights Like A Champ
Its around half an hour of very careful walking  across the rocks to reach the cliff face on the southern side of whale beach. Being very known for such species as Salmon, Kingfish, Bonito, Tailor, And small Mac Tuna's.
After we reached our place of fishing, I noticed that the swell was huge, and saying that my partner Jess got a whole body soaking as she ventured past the blowhole as the swell came in and drenched her from head to toe.

Being  a great place to fish, it also has its downfall. Its no way a place for inexpierenced anglers as it is quite a dangerous point off the

Spanyid Luring
 rocks with the swell towering way over 7-8 metres and crashing into the side of the cliff creating a spectacular display as it rises around 3-4 storeys above the top of the cliff face.

Many times we had seen a huge wave making its way towards us, as we are concentrating on powering in our lures in an instance we would have to scamper fast from its wrath or be knocked over into the water a long way down with no turning back from that ordeal. But saying that we did have some luck firstly with catching a few small bonito on spanyid metal lures.

 Secondly Hooking a small Mac Tuna around 50 cm. Catching some more small bonito seemed to be on the cards as my friend daniel caught another one and decided he would send a live Bonito snecked through the nostril and floating just above the surface of the water on a large float and a leader around 1.5 metres in length in hope a large Kingfish might spot him and decide he's having Tuna for lunch with no success went back to flicking Spanyid metals.

During the day also hooking a Maori Wrass which had some amazing colour. and hooking some sort of reef dwelling Lionfish.

All in all an awesome day on the rocks with the winds only blowing around 5 - 10 knots which made our job of  flicking lures easier and a much more enjoyable day.


MILF - "Man I Love Fishing"

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