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I had the pleasure of visiting the Wisemans Choice watercraft warehouse last week, Wisemans choice is located in the Hunter region of NSW in the town of Rutherford, just on the outskirts of Maitland. It was an absolute pleasure to finally meet Nathan Abela who is the managing director of the company. Nathan and I have developed a business relationship over the last 3 months. Nathan asked me to come aboard the company as a Pro Staffer/Media Consultant just in time to launch Wisemans flagship creation the 4 metre stand up anglers kayak. there has been nothing spared on this Kayak, it has been built for anglers who take not only just kayak fishing seriously, but this kayak will turn the heads of even the most avid boat anglers also.

The size of this Kayak is so accommodating and spacious, lets just say this kayak has been built for comfort. It is a whopping 4 metres in length, 900 cm in width and 40 cm in depth. It has a flat bottom with a v nose taper at the bow of the craft which makes it extremely stable on the water. Anglers can stand up in this kayak with confidence and even walk around the hull with little movement, the most impressive part of the stability of this hull is you can even stand on the bow of this kayak and flick lures around, now that is a game changer.

There are four fixed fishing rod holders throughout this kayak making rod storage issues a thing of the past, I have mounted two fishing rods on the left and right side of my seat with the mounts facing in a horizontal direction toward the bow of the boat, this allows my rods to have little to no hinderess from objects like tree branches, as I will be using this kayak in some of the tightest bass country with overhanging trees along the rivers edges, this allows me to duck and weave in and out of these structures without the fear of vertical facing rods in holders like many other kayak manufacturers design their crafts.

There are six scupper drain plugs throughout this kayak to allow out water that has made its way into the hull during paddling. It features one large storage compartment located at the bow of the kayak large enough to fit some of the bigger tackle cases like a Versus 3080 box in which i have stored in this compartment.  Adjustable foot pedal to control the rear rudder to control the direction of this kayaks path. The kayak features two medium sized lockable storage sections located at the middle of the kayak on the floor just in front of the mounted seat and one large lockable storage compartment which can also double as a small live well for nippers and live prawns as this has a scupper drain plug that can be removed and replaced to allow water to fill up this compartment which i think is a innovative idea.

The seat design is what excites me on this yak, it is a raised seat with an adjustable backrest, this seat is very well designed as the comfortability it provides are far better than any kayak seat I have ever used which is a big plus to me as I suffer from lower back pain, so its almost paramount that i require a comfortable seating arrangement in a kayak so I do not leave a yak in more pain than i began with.

It has two side moulded carry handles and a one soft handle mounted on the bow and one mounted on the stern for ease of transportation, drink holder incorporated in the mould and front and back bungee cords that hold down the front and rear hatches with plenty of added extras like rail mounts. As I have stated "Nothing has been spared on the design of this Kayak" The kayak has an in-built electric trolling motor mount exclusive to this mould which allows an additional extra if the angler decides to mount one of Wiseman's Choice trolling motors which they have available in either 40 lbs or 55 lbs thrust by just adding the motor bracket to the rear located mount. Wiseman's Choice also has available a casting stability bar for ease of mounting on this yak, its just a matter of screwing in onto the existing mounts on the sides on the craft for anyone that wants the added piece of mind while standing up in this kayak.

The net weight of this watercraft is 33kg and its carrying capacity is a huge and impressive weight of 250 kgs. This was also one of the most important factors for me as I have a 30 kg 120 Ah deep cycle AGM battery mounted behind my raised seat to power my electronics and even with a heavy power source like that it still sits amazing in the water.


I have had a lot of questions on social media with the congenuity of convience this kayak has in terms of its design being made for serious anglers who are searching for kayak that isn't too expensive and in the price range for most anglers, but still meets the requirements of some of the more expensive models made by other companies marketed at the same group of fishos. Now when choosing where to mount, install and run cables for electronics on this kayak Wiseman's Choice have well accommodated the burden of installation easing up some of the more stressful issues when installing your electronics. I decided to go with a Lowrance HDS 9 Gen 3 unit to install on this kayak and the standard sounder mounts available to anglers at most boating and tackle stores has a universal rectangle mount on their sounder carriers. So it was just a matter of screwing it into the pre existing screw holes provided in the yaks design, therefore allowing you to not have to drill any unnecessary holes into the plastic of this hull. 

Now because there is many scupper plugs throughout the hulls mould, installing a transducer is a breeze. There are so many options to mount the transducer through the whole craft. If your decide to rear mount the transducer on the stern of the hull, there is a pre existing hole on the port side to run the transducer cable up through to the unit of the echo sounder using plastic cable securing clips alongside the yak, or run through the body of the kayak. I chose to mount my transducer under the kayak through the scupper plug underneath my seat, therefor i could hide any excess cables from the transducer. Lowrance have available a scupper transducer mount, which replaces your scupper plug with this mount you put through the drain plug and attach the transducer underneath your kayak and seals the hole back up to avoid any leakages into the hull of the kayak.

Now because this kayak is a weight of 33 kgs, it can be a ,little hard to manage by yourself mainly due the weight and combined length of this kayak, so what i have done is place the kayak on a Kayak trolley. Kayak trolleys are available from most boating and tackle stores for a small price, this will allow you to transport to the kayak to and from the waters edge, making it a very manageable water craft.

Wisemans Choice as a company seem to have their finger on the pulse for the design and craftsmanship that goes into these Australian Owned products and have basically the whole market under wraps with a huge range of Kayaks, Double kayaks, Kids kayaks, Canoes, SUPS and water sport accessories. The website displays a vast variety of whats on offer.... One thing is will say is "You will be happy with the pricing, These products are priced extremely well and is more than affordable to every Fisherman, Sportsman and avid adventurer". Check their website:


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