Sunday, 26 June 2016


As many fishos know, The Mulloway is called a ghost because they are rarely seen on the average anglers line, but the anglers that target them a quite a tight lipped community themselves and once they work out the Mulloway's behavior and habitat it is a skill that is kept quite quiet amongst them all. So Id say that the fish and Angler alike are the budding ghosts in this saga.

Blurred backgrounds and hushed locations.... that's what the jewfish community is, and in every right I completely understand the logic they display, the Jewfish is a some what of one of the hardest species to crack so it isn't a wise decision to get all mouthy about the locations. But one thing I can tell you is, the location, lure selection and knowledge is only one part of this story to success over the Jew, the other part of the story that is seldom mentioned is time.... Time on the water hunting and preying these magnificent fish is the key to "Cracking the Jewfish Code" you can get given all the lures that work, all the locations that hold them, doesn't mean you will catch them, the only thing that will catch these Mulloway is a series of things:

A plan, a plan to get out and target these fish no matter what, no matter what conditions, weather, temperature and stick to it.

Perseverance, a perseverance that gets tiring really quick, especially when you spend hours with no success and despair starts to kick in... keep going though, your getting closer.

Behaviour, Learn the behaviour of this fish get all the knowledge you can on this species cause it will aid you believe me.

Find the bait, Find the fish, Utilize your technology, use your sounder to find bait schools holding on the smallest of structure, cause around those schools is lurking a predator and a damn fine and smart one at that.

Tides, I cannot stress enough about the time frame windows, you can catch these fish when the tide is running, but let me know in what numbers, cause it certainly isn't many. right before the slack of the tide and right after it is Mulloway maniac time.

Although I'm yet to break into the bigger metrey models, this fish can and will break you until you work them out, but once you crack that Jewie code, you wont struggle to find and fight Mulloway, you'll just fight yourself to get out of bed and beat your PB.

Enjoy some of the photos over the last 2 weeks of finally cracking these fish and watch out for future posts as I continue to find some of these bigger models. DW

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