Saturday, 3 January 2015



Flicking plastics around the flats these holidays for some Bream, and turns out there are some really good models getting around this Summer. Utilizing the right jig head weights that is suited for the depth of water and current your fishing will definitely have you hooked up to some stonkers this season.

Here are just a few shots working the flats and monitoring a drop off zone that goes from 2 metres to 2.6 metres and just lightly bringing the plastic down the drop off giving it plenty of time to flutter down as we are using finesse 1/16 - 1/20 jig heads.

I tend to monitor the Lowrance sounder on Down Structure Scan and traditional Sonar monitoring the bait under neath and feeding arches but also making sure I'm in close to the drop zone just sitting back off it and casting over it so thus the plastic hops down it, If you drift off the drop zone just electric motor back over it.

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