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As most angler's in Australia, and many around the world know that Ian Miller has a lot to do with the design of our rods here in this country. Rods that are specifically tested, designed, crafted and mastered here in Australia for our species and conditions. there is no doubt in saying that, "Ian is a master at rod designing and building".  Ian has built firstly a Bass rod for me, this Bass rod was selectively designed for skinny/tight water.

Six foot in length, 1-4 kg line rating, the blank being high modulus graphite makes this rod so extremely light but also gives the angler so much response, Titanium Fuji SIC guide trains, painted green Fuji skeleton reel seat and the famous custom camouflage green Control Freak handle.

I chose to outfit this stick with a Shimano Biomaster 1000 reel. anyone that owns a Millerod is well aware of the quality that comes with this craftsmanship is nothing but precision. I am lucky enough to be on the Millerods Pro Staff and I honestly believe that there is no other rod that comes close to the design and over all performance that Millerod Sticks have.

I had this Bass rod customized and had TheFishCure monogrammed on the blank of the rod.

This rod Ian built for me is such a versatile medium estuary rod, 3-6kg line rating, 6'9" in length, again with the high modulus graphite blank, alconite Fuji guide trains, Standard Fuji skeleton reel seat with the custom Control Freak handle in blue camouflage. These rods are so special and unique that Ian numbers every rod that leaves his hands.

I outfitted this stick with a Shimano Sustain 2500 and had Ian monogram my name on the blank.

This rod is so versatile, I have used this rod to catch Murray Cod, Silver Perch, Flathead, Bonito and Even huge Australian Salmon from the stones. Millerods are so light in weight it still amazes me, especially when I set a task at hand for myself to catch Australian Salmon with DUO Pressbait 85 lures (Slugs) from the stones on this light outfit. You can cast and cast and cast these rods over and over, it's incredible how light they are still after hours of slugging lures into the wash.

Millerods website will give you some insight to the options you have when having a rod built through Ian.
Click on the link here for the website. /MILLERODS

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