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On Thursday I was invited to attend the information night for the Family Fishing Show to discuss some of the attractions for the show with some of the industries finest like Steve Starling, Jo Starling, Scotty Lyons, Melanie Young, Todd Young and representatives from fisheries. Some of the things we discussed was "How can this show be a stand out from the rest of the exhibition shows?" This was quite simple, what did the people say?... There were some positive feedback from various social media sites as to what anglers wanted to see, and a fair few people have been let down in the past with other previous shows, the main element shows seemed to lack was not enough fishing stands and too much linked stalls to fishing like Boats, 4WD  and caravans. well that's because fishing exhibition shows these days are usually linked to these 4WD, camping and caravan shows. Melanie Young stated " Their is around 3.5 million registered anglers in Australia and we as anglers don't 4WD and camp with the thought of doing some fishing. We go fishing with the thought of doing some camping and four wheel driving." This show has all in mind for fishing. Pricing for most exhibitions is an issue, usually so high that after a family enters there has been 100 dollars plus spent before entering the doors, the best part about this show is the tickets are $15, $5 for kids over 5 years old a family of four is $25 and ladies for free, very affordable for a family day out.

There is nothing worse than attending an exhibition with your kids when they start to get bored, well that has been thought of and The Fishing Show has organised accredited day care workers to look after children for 1.5 hours for FREE!!! I will tell you there is no where, at any exhibition you will find free childcare. Bringing your wife along to show? Well there is also something for her too,  keeping her off your back, There is a Ladies only area, your wife can get pampered with a massage, manicure with free tasting of some of the finest wines from the Hunter Valley.

A Skeeter/Evinrude boat and trailer package as a door giveaway makes it all very exiting, no other exhibition gives away such a huge prize, I think so far you would realize that this show is something different from others, designed by Pro Anglers for Anglers. Virtual fishing games and a V8 simulator that is actually a car, Australian casting indoor championships featured at the show. Young Guns Fishing clinics for all ages available, casting accuracy clinics available in a casting pool for anyone that wants to work on their casting abilities with accredited Australian casting champions.

Some of you already probably have seen the T.V show "The Hook and the Cook" a T.V show based on Scotty Lyons being the Hook, Scotty shows you how to catch the species of fish, what bait and lures to use, how to present it to the fish with techniques, how to rig up your rod for that species and how to clean the fish. The Cook is Paul Breheny, a Master Chef from  Derbyshire U.K. Paul shows the viewers how to cook the catch for a mouth watering feast. Both the "Hook and the Cook' will be doing cooking demonstrations at the show.

The location is Parramatta Park being a central location for all in Sydney. No need to worry about trying to get past hundreds of tourists in darling harbour as many other exhibitions have held their shows, Parramatta park is big enough to walk around the show with the 50,000 square metre site. and 9,000 square metres will be indoor. The event will be held over two days on the 5th and 6th of April 2014 from 9am to 6pm Saturday and Sunday.


There will be various well known Pro Anglers doing talks and demonstrations at the show. Steve "Starlo" Starling will be doing a talk on stage as well as wife "Jo Starling doing a talk for women in fishing as well as for the men. Paul Carter, Australia's finest Egi (Squid) specialist having a talk to Anglers about his effectiveness on Egi (Squid) fishing. Kevin Van Dam is a tournament Angler that has won a total of more than 5 million dollars, and taking out four Bassmaster titles and seven Toyota Tundra Angler of the year titles. As a professional Bass Angler Kevin is one of the best in the world, and Kevin will be a representative at the show. 

A show bag alley for the big kids will be a feature with huge items like hats and shirts available as a show bag to buy from some of the biggest brands. A Big Top festival style theme of this event is very cool, the marquee is huge and just adds to that experience at the show. This is going to be a huge event and the best thing about this show is.... It's by Anglers for Anglers, so many people have been disappointed when they attend some of these other shows with the intention to buy some gear, but there is limited amounts of gear on offer. This is not the case, there will be huge amounts of gear available for all. The event is something not only Anglers need, but also what the industry needs, more people need to indulge in the world of fishing especially kids,. Fishing is the total combination of hands on experience, outdoor, skill building and general understanding of nature at it's best.


Family Fishing Show

Saturday and Sunday 5th and 6th of April
Parramatta Park
Entry: $15, Kids over five $5, Family of four $25 and Ladies free
Onsite Daycare free for 1.5 hours
Ladies only area
Head Office: (02) 4925 6136
Mobile: 0432 615 015, 0422 728 046,  0413 032 217 

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