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The waters of Sydney Harbour is quite a little ecosystem for predominant fish life, with the species of  Kingfish on our list of species to catch and i wouldnt have minded a nice Jewfish to fight as Giant Jewies are very prolifically dominant in the harbour.

The morning began as I left at the mere hours of 4amwith a couple of my mates Brock and Jake we launched the the boat at North Head boat ramp in sydney Northern Beaches. It was such a nice morning as it was still dark was a great opportunity to jig for some Squid along the wharves of Manly Ferry terminals. Squiding with the Rapala concept ikado jigs but never seem to be much around as we only hooked on to one bait size cuttlefish.

The sun was beginning the rise and displayed a remarkable sight on the horizon, as we were heading out and trawlled the along the side of North head with a good size Rapala diving Minnow in blue and white and my Shimano Terez rod began to bounce and we were on, as i began to reel I noticed that it had quite a considerable amount of weight and fight in it. I began to think it may be a nice decent size kingfish as its runs were impecable to weight on the line. As colour came through the water when i got it close to the boat i noticed that it wasnt my Kingfish that i came here for but it was a good size Bonito snecked fouly through the side of the fish, But definately a good size bonito to fillet for bait as i think that Bonito is undoubtably the best bait in the ocean.

We Trawelled the Eastern side of North Head with no luck so began to head to Middle Head and dropped the downrigger to 10 feet with a whole Squid and i Trawlled with a Minnow. We trawelled for about an hour before having some lunch and heading for a Tower in the Harbour dubbed the "Wedding Cakes"

Wedding Cakes is a Tower Shapped as a wedding cake in the water and gives fish a great hiding ground and creates an excellent artificial reef with species such as Bream, Silver Trevally, Salmon and Kingfish.
Flicking Soft Plastic Squidgie Shad's in white lightening colour and using Fish Head jigs size 2.0 hook with 9 gram head Still with no luck headed a Reef made from a sunken boat in Middle Harbour

Arriving at the Reef which is a wreck in Middle Harbour we achored and I filleted the Bonito and cut in bait size pieces rigged up for a Salmon and dropping it to the bottom of the Reef.

We fished the Reef for around 2 hours and caught around 12 average size Bream that put on a great fight as they try to swim back into the Reef and bust you off. And we caught around 10 small to average size 30cm Snappers which put on an even greater fight to bust you off in the Reef
After hooking an angelfish we began to pack up and head off home.

All in all the place was a place that have never visited for fishing but is definately a place that i will be returning to. The conditions were amazing on the day with the wind only blowing 5-10 Knots and only a 1 metre swell. Although i didnt catch my kingfish i will be returning in there near future in search of the Yellow Tail Sydney Kingfish!!!

MILF - "Man I Love Fishing"

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