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A Cold Day... For Pelagic Fishing
The Boys
Budgiewoi Beach on New South Wales Central Coast just 120Km north of Sydney holds an epic Pelagic fishing spot with species from Large Jewfish, Australian Salmon and Greenback Tailor.
This was a destination of fishing i had the priveldge of experiencing, with light Bream gear on the Shimano Terez 702 rigged with 20 pound Power Pro braided line and 20 pound monofilament leader equipped with size 2 star sinkers, large T Swivels and frozen Pilchards on small size Mustad Gang Hooks. Not your most prefered fishing pole, but extreme exitement to beach fish on such light gear.

57cm Australian Salmon
We had began to fish this beach at around 3.30pm as the tide was beginning to come in some of my mates had 10 - 12 foot beach rods and really got the bait out there, but me with my light Bream rod had to literally walk out up to waist height in the surf to at least get past the breaking waves. Fishing the waters for around 3 hours with a few beers and great company seemed to make up for the lack of action in the water, but none the less wasnt long before the fish started to come through with a nice Australian Salmon finally taking the bait and running on a beach rod it is still a thrill to pull in a nice Salmon measuring 67cm on the Shimano Brag Mat.
Daniel And David

As the sun went down out came the Head Torchs and glow sticks, with many fall alarms on my light Terez rod as the tip of the rod was flicking up and down due to the swell and surf, typically not meant for this idea of fishing but a challenge was still accepted none the less.

47cm Greenback Tailor
I had began to hook a fish that really smashed the line with such anger and immediately began to think it may be a Mulloway or Tailor, he really began to run with the line as i kept the rod bent and the line tight began to start reeling and walking toward the surf to drag up a nice Greenback Tailor measuring 47cm on the Brag Mat being my PB, My personal best for tailor only being a mere 25cm.

Alot more exitement with catching Australian Salmon and Tailor came as the chill started to set in we thought it may be time to call it a night not long after another Tailor was caught being 49cm.

All in all a successful time fishing a new spot for a type of fishing that a rarely ever get to do, and proving a point that you can beach fish for Pelagics on light gear. But what more can be said. "It is Shimano gear we are talking about here"
....And The Messy Part Of Fishing


MILF - "Man I Love Fishing"

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