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The local off stream creek that runs out of the Nepean River at Yarramundi NSW had us flicking surface lures such as Cicada's, Sebile Koolie shallow Minnow's and Jitterbugs in hope to snag a fighting Australian Bass.

This creek known as South Creek is stocked with all sorts of freshwater species such as Bass, Euro Carp, Freshwater Eels and off course those pesty turtles that steal your worms right off your hook.
47cm Australian Bass
We had been flicking lures in and out of the many snags and heavy tree cover as Bass love the cover from shady trees that stretch over the waters surface and many fallen trees and logs to form a great hiding ground for theses freshwater sport fish.

20cm Australian Bass
As we were using surface bugs i had realised that being the midday and no bugs around the waters surface it was best to change to a more suitable lure such as shallow diving Sebile Koolie Minnow's cause if we go back to the essence of why fish will take lures, flies, plastics etc we are usually achieving one of two things.
Firstly we may be imitating a fish, insect, lizard, crayfish, or shrimp that is part of the food chain in that particular piece of water. Some anglers refer to this as a feeding bite, Insect life is pretty much non existant unless its on sundown and Bass very much know this. Secondly we may be tapping into the fishes instinct and / or aggression, AKA a "reaction strike".
60cm European Carp
A reaction strike can be triggered by annoying a fish enough for it to strike a lure via repeated casts at the same location as the lure may be invading the fish homeground or "Territory".

Alternatively a fish may also "react" for territorial reasons; species like Murray Cod and Saratoga have reputations for being highly territorial, bass however are usually a more social species. Reaction strikes are usually violent affairs with the fish running on all cylinders.

Australian Bass do not like the sun. The higher the sun, the deeper the bass.
Small Baitfish are attuned to staying well hidden from predators during daylight hours & can be more active early morning & late afternoon.
Quiet Day On A Local Creek
Most insect activity is at night; and the bass know it!
Much Luck was achieved with catching Bass as some reaching 36cm great fish to catch as they jump in a spectacle display so acrobatically in the air. amazing fish to catch in a freshwater environment.

Leaving the Bass fish alone for a while we began to throw some Bread tightly packed on a size 2 Mustad Suicide hook with no sinker or swivel just straight 10 pound braid with 20 pound leader in search of a giant Carp as the European Carp in this body of water are an umbundance.

Measuring 60cm On The Brag Mat
Literally in an instance we had hooked quite a big Carp as the small light Shimano Ian Miller Raider II Baitcaster bent over as the carp snatched the bread from the mud bottom floor and began to run. A really enjoyabable fish to catch even though they dont fight as much as a Bass they are very thick and heavy fish to reel in and they tend to run on the waters surface displaying they golden top and dorsal and are like dead weight on the end of your line. But be careful as they are known to quickly snap line on light tackle but quite and enjoyable fish to fight!

MILF - "Man I Love Fishing"

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