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Navico has created an online social mapping system called Insight genesis that allows you to record your own maps with contour lines, vegetation and bottom hardness indicated by various colour charts.

Its quite an easy system to use, firstly jump onto the Insight Genesis at:


Sign up to make a profile with Insight Genesis, this is the software that creates the custom maps after you have uploaded your recorded Sonar logs.

Many anglers have asked me how to record the sonar log, so I made a quick video while out on the water whilst I was recording sonar logs for Lowrance to make it easy

Once your sonar log is recording start doing laps up and down the adjacent much like a grid (Like in the screenshot below) activate the trails in your chart settings so you cab track your progress as you record your log.

Once you have recorded your sonar log, upload your trip using the Insight Genesis desktop tool you downloaded when you signed up to your profile. Once its uploaded you will recieve an email notifying you as soon as your map is created so you can view it.

Your trails will also show up indicating your routes while sonar logging and if you click anywhere on the red trails, it will show up the sonar that was recorded to your right right of the screen at the time of recording your log.

After the map has been created you can then view the contours and features of the maps. The bottom hardness is measured by the colour red, Orange through to a light brown transparency. The darker the Red is the harder the bottom is, as it goes right through the colour contrasts all the way to light brown transparent being the softer bottom.

Contour lines show in the custom maps and the colour palette for depth is shades and contrasts of Blue. Its the same concept as the bottom hardness colour palette. The darker the blue the deeper the water, the lighter blue is the shallow waters.

I will go more into detail with a later blog entry focusing on how to use these maps for your advantage while fishing to improve skills and tracking fish locations, drop offs and holes.

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