Friday, 11 July 2014



Headed out to find a few Flathead and Mulloway this morning, firstly fishing the flats with small Bivi vibes hopping the sand bottom and puffing the sand, although only managing to land one Flathead around the 38cm mark.

As the end of the run in tide came to its peak I sounded up a large drop off from 4 metres to 9 metres and a few fish that seemed to me to be Flathead sitting right on the drop zone on the bottom.

I tied on a DUO Beach Walker Vibe and casted towards the beachline and slow hopped the lure down the drop zone. After the initial strike from a fish I called for a soapy Jew until I felt those long wide head shakes and knew it was a big girl Flathead.

Between the two of us we managed to land some very nice sizable Flatties using mixed retrieves with medium sized vibes fishing the deep holes hour before and hour after the run in tide with some very cool results... Cheers

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