Saturday, 8 March 2014


Rare Eastern Black Cod 

Yesterday was a very cool day. While a good mate of mine Adam Bond was having great luck on good size Drummer. I caught a very decent, but endangered and protected Eastern Black Cod from a rock ledge in Sydney's North.

This is a very rare catch in these waters, not to mention they are a threatened species. Adult Black Cod can grow to 2 metres in length and around 80kg's

This Scary looking species has some serious canine like teeth, The eastern Black cod is at high risk and is a threatened species, these Cod need to be returned to the water without any harm.

After getting a couple of quick shots, I had him weighed in just over 6kg's, measured at 74.5cm's then returned to the water without any harm. I think its vital that people realize that this is not just a normal Rock Cod. This Cod once was a flourishing species and is now totally protected in NSW with very hefty penalties if not returned, any harm to the fish or it's habitat.

Here is a link to Department of Primary industries (DPI) website information on the Eastern Black Cod.

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