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The Truth Mat

A 54cm Dusky Flathead On The Truth Mat

Picture a scenery in the out stretches of a River System, Estuary or Blue Ocean Water, that brilliant battle between noone but you and the fish that engulfed your lure, either on the surface or deep below. That struggle and immense barrage as the fish scrimmages and tests your ability and strength from below. Or that humble but victorious finesse catch. To ask any Angler this is what fishing is all about, but those epic stories are all nothing but legends without validation. A picture tells a thousands words,

A 35cm (To Tail) Bream On Truth Mat

I have recently been asked to join the team at Tackle Ware in Hervey Bay to test and review their latest creation being “The Truth Mat”
A Poly Vinyl competition measuring mat with signature benchmark design. This measuring mat has it’s own personal and innovative layout composing both your fold out sizeable unit of measure being in Centimetres but also comprising that with their own ruler on the side of the mat as a quick reference when folded for those brief and expeditious catches that you know are not your PB’s, but curious as to what size the fish is, which I think is very productive, theses days I do a lot of fishing from a Kayak and this idea of having a ruler on the side of the mat is much easier as most Kayak Anglers know that it is quite hard to roll out a mat and place a fish on a it and keep it still to receive a correct measurement. It is growing very popular and a very deviceful tool to any angler on the water.

27cm Sand Whiting On The Truth Mat

The Mat Comes in two sizes 80cm with a 30cm Side Ruler, For any Angler that chases small Estuary fish like Australian Bass, Trout, Bream, Flathead, or Whiting, this mat is ideal. I chase quite a lot of Bass in the river systems of NSW and the 80cm Truth Mat is always in my tackle bag for chasing that PB Bass, but also to measure a fish that you know is under 30cm, the side ruler is an easy to use measure.

50cm Dusky Flathead On The Truth Mat

The mat also comes in 140cm with a 40cm side Ruler, Anglers that chase the larger species such as Mulloway, Barramundi, Murray Cod or Kingfish a 140cm mat is definitely not common as most measuring mats only come in 120cm, although it is impressive when a fish hangs over your mat but definitely does not give you a quick and correct measurement of your catch.

33cm Australian Bass on The Truth Mat

With the ever so growing prevailing promotion of “Catch and Release" is becoming known to Australian Angler’s as the  greatest contribution to Marine Conservation, and so it finally should, a lot of Anglers are finally catching on that the fish stocks in Australia is decreasing not only due to commercial fishing, but over fishing from recreational fishermen. These days people don’t need to take a catch home to prove to people of their lastest conquest, in fact it is a growing trend that a lot of Tournament angling events are strictly photo’s on measuring mats. This is a great contribution to promoting Catch and Release. Thanks to measuring mats like The Truth Mat that make this possible.

28cm Rock Cod On The Truth Mat

Quick Measure Ruler On The 80cm Truth Mat

Another Great Feature to the Truth Mat is they offer an option to create a custom Truth Mat available in bulk buys. If you have an independaent Tackle store this is a great option to promote your business as you can have your Tackle Store's logo printed directly on the mat. An ample way to giveaway to loyal customers, or to be resold.

35cm Australian Bass On The Truth Mat

68cm Carp On The Truth Mat

The Truth Mat also has numerous common fishing knots printed throughout the mat including the Albright, Double Uni and Perfection Loop knot. Upon order it is possible to have either a Barramundi, Bream, Bass, Trout or Murray Cod printed on your personal mat. With Fishing becoming very popular in the females, The Truth Mat is also available in Pink for the fashionable Girls that chase fish.

                                             Here are the options of the Truth Mats available

Trout Truth Mat

Ladies Pink Truth Mat

Australian Bass Truth Mat

Bream Truth Mat

Murray Cod Truth Mat

Barramundi Truth Mat

Example Of An Independent Tackle Store's Custom Truth Mat

Contacting Tackle Ware for purchasing the Truth Mat use the following links. Or contact me and I can refer you to Tackle Ware to obtain their great and innovative product. I am very proud to be apart of this great idea!

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