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I am trulely honoured to having co designing my very own rod with Ian Miller in which he personally hand carft's, the benchmark in custom rods.
Ian Miller's family buisness is located in NSW's South Coast of Ulladulla, Ian is famously renouned for building some of the best designed rods including the top of the range Shimano sticks, his famous range being the T Curves, but also designs a variety of rods used to target species like Billfish, Tuna, Bass, Bream and Trout.

Ian has also designed many high successful rod models like the two iconic series of Shimano models "The Starlo" rods and the "Starlo Squidgie" rod models.
Most of you know when you here the name "Starlo" or "Steve Starling" automatically associate him to the most successful and renoun fishing journalist of Australia. But steve also is involved in a number of other things in the fishing world like pro creation of the Soft Plastic's
"Squidgies" with co-founder Bushy, this particular rod is personally designed to fish with Soft Plastic Squidgies.

Steve Starling Shimano/Miller Squidgie Creation

Ian is a master in his class of rod building especially with in his range of Raider Rods in spin and Baitcast moldels that specialise in lure casting accuracy, Also his involvement in the Tiagra game fishing range of rods in which Australia can owe its gratitude to being the best Australia has to offer.
The 6'9" Miller Beast Buster Creation

Ian's comapny "The Australian Rod Builder" continues to provide customers with the oportunity to design a rod that is specific to their means of fishing by individually hancrafting only the best quality to your needs.
My New Millerod I Designed With my Name Monogrammed

Millers Extensive Range Of Rods

Ian incorporates the best components like Fuji and his own custom built blanks and handle fittings as his benchmark of designs soar through the competion to bring you only the best rods you will ever need to use with his knowledge thrown into the product and its production. Ian also offers the option of monogramming your very own name of choice on the rod blank.

With an extensive range only a few quantities of custom rods are built each year and are not mass produced,  in fact like I said they are hancrafted, the attention of detail is remarkable and is costistant in providing second to none.

Take his range the "ControlFreak" for example in which I have collaborated the handle into my own miller rod myself withe the Beastbuster 6'9"Blank, and have equipped this rod with a Shimano Stella FE 4000. Millerods are so well known with quality,
in fact the design and performance of his rods will never be compared.

Millers Controlfreak Range 7ft up to 7’6”in Length

With no suprise at all Ian Miller’s new Control Freak range of rods
are built, with performance all the way.
The Control Freak's built with all its accuracy for the angler to experience a much better performance either fishing for Bass, Barra, or Bream in all his range and certainly leading the way as a rod builder for Australian Anglers
Saying that my Millerod balances beautiful on a Shimano Stella FE 4000 but is  typical. These rods are two-piece with a removable handle, meaningthat they are ideal for any travelling angler.
You can choose between 7ft up to 7’6” in length, There is a number of guide options but the most popular are the Fuji SiC and the Fuji titanium SiC, both in the new K-shape frames. K Alconites are also an option.

Ian Himself with his bream Creation


Style: Spinning rods
Length: 7ft to 7’6” custom length
Blank: Custom Millerods blend
Action: Fast
Pieces: 2
Guides: Fuji SiC and the Fuji titanium SiC, both in the new K shape frames as well as K Alconites
Line rating: Barra Vibe 6-10kg; Toad 6-15kg
Lure weight: Barra Vibe 10-40g; Toad 12-50g

RRP:     $450-$650 depending on component selection

Bottom line is Millerods trulely are the best Australia has to offer and may say that they are the best quality and are considered to be benchmark in precision as compared to  G Loomis.

MILF - "Man I Love Fishing"

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