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Spent the whole weekend in Swansea this weekend opened up a series of Australian Salmon accounts for a few of my friends, some reaching well into the 60cm's. We camped from Friday night to Sunday in a caravan park with around 10 people in search of the acrobatic and elusive Australian Salmon a species in which i have been targetting alot lately in these cooler months for those people that have been following my blog in the last few months.Also with the waether on our side was quite warm and good sunny days.

Part Of Our Campsite

Amongst great company is also the beautiful coastal place of Swansea also a handful of people know that this is a place that I hold  in high regards for not only for the fishing but is an absolute amazing coastal paradise even in the winter, especially being a stone throw from Lake Maquarie the largest salt water lake in the southern hemispere.

The Stunning Lake Maquarie

Being nightime when alot of people had arrived to the campsite we decided to head out and grab a few squid for live bait in the mornings sunrise, very few squid around as Jake was the only one to actually hook one and land a good bait sized squid, but Wayne had managed to snag a good plate sized Octopus on a squid Jig.

Wayne's Octopus

In the morning we had baited up and a few rigged up with metal slugs and spanyids and headed for Blacksmiths notorious breakwall that should be renamed "The Pelagics of the North" and began targetting the Salmon. With no bites in the first 40 mins Wayne was the first person to open the account with a healthy 65cm Salmon, being so exited as he had never really caught a good size fish from landbased before and exitement he should have had, as I remember when i landed my first Salmon landbased, Wayne also landed a few more Salmon and Tailor

Wayne Smith 65cm Australian Salmon

After a few more hookups on the full ganged pichards for a few people Jake had manged to hook and land a beautiful 61cm Salmon after steering him away from his favourite species to target, "The Kingfish"on a metal slug medium paced retrieve on his Lox Irridium Ultra light Snapper rod equipped with the Daiwa Certate 2500, amongst a few common Tailor. Great way to fish and spin for this amazing species, as the Australian Salmon are really not very picky when it comes to the feeding and will generally take most bait at all levels in the water column as alot of anglers love to target this species on the fly with great success.

Jake Coxon 61cm Australian Salmon

One person in particular i was quite impressed with was my partner Jess as she really had her heart set on targetting the Silver Trevally as she really didnt like the way a Salmon fought. But i managed to convince her to fight her first Salmon and she did with ease on light bream outfit i may add her first being around 50cm and backed it up with an easy 60cm Salmon for her second catch.

Jessica Fitzpatrick 60cm Australian Salmon

Brad hooked a great Salmon on a metal Spanyid lure around 50cm and fought it with many acrobatic jumps to the end of the breakwall and with this particular spot we were fishing it is quite hard to actually land the Salmon cause as soon as you get them close enough to the end of the breakwall and they see the rocks in sight they dart under them and bust you off in a blink of an eye, but regardless even the ones we lost were still awesome to fight.

Brad Webb 50cm Australian Salmon

Now Brock is another angler that specifically targets Kingfish also so it was a great sight to see this bloke fishing for another Pelagic species other than a Kingy. Brock managed to hook and land a healthy salmon in the 55cm range. Yet again this species performed to their ability to bust you off at the end of the breakwall as quick as they can but really good to see everyone helping assist to net and land these fish.

Brock Coxon 55cm Australian Salmon

Daniel while fishing for salmon on ganged pilchards caught a Banjo Shark as a by catch or some people call this species a Fiddler Ray, actually quite an amazing fish as they are part Shark part Sting Ray but having no stinger this fish is quite harmless as they also have no teeth much like a Stingray or Shovel Nose Shark.

Danial Clarke Banjo Shark

Having the most distictive markings on the top part of the fish much like the markings of a Tiger, making them a great predatory species as they camouflage themselves in the sand followed by an ambush on their prey. Daniel also caught a few Tailor and Salmon in which I never photographed

Was a great getaway with some good mates and the fishing was just the added bonus!!!

MILF - "Man I Love Fishing"

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